How To Build A YouTube Audience With Keyword Tools – Reel Video Producer Tips #13

How To Build A YouTube Audience With Keyword Tools – Reel Video Producer Tips #13

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This week our Producer Tip helps video producers understand how to use YouTube and Google’s keyword suggestion tools for determining what videos to make for their niche and audience. It also helps online video creators know how to best title and tag their videos in order to gain maximum exposure and discoverability in search engines with some video SEO best practices and tips.

Build A YouTube Audience With Keyword Tools

Producer Tip is a weekly show that helps online video producers with tips, tricks, advice, secrets, and suggestions for how to make their videos stand out on the web.

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This week’s creator’s tip shows you guys how to use the keyword suggestion tools from YouTube and from Google to formulate great tags for your videos, titles for your videos and even help you know what kind of videos to make for your audience in the first place. That’s coming up.

Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to another week of creator’s tip where every week, I help you guys who are making online video content know how to make that stuff stand out on the web. And this week, we’re going to look at the keyword suggestion tools from Google and YouTube. We actually talked about this a little bit in last week’s creator’s tip video about how to formulate a simple but effective video marketing strategy for your brand, product, company, yourself or whatever. If you haven’t seen that, I’ll link it up below so you can go check it out.

I want to dig into it a little bit more this week because it really is essential for making your videos optimized for search engines and also driving new traffic and new viewers to your videos. Let me start off with a real life example for you guys that’ll hopefully tie all this together for you. A friend of mine is really passionate about fishing, in fact, he’s even opening up an online fishing business and he really likes making online video. So he wants to combine the two to have the videos drive traffic to his business website and sell some of the lures, rods and all sorts of stuff that he’ll be making personally and selling.

But fishing is so broad, what kind of videos should he make for fishing that would have the maximum impact, draw the maximum number of viewers, what are people really even looking for in the field of fishing online anyway? So I go to YouTube’s keyword suggestion tool and I just search for fishing and I find out that there are over 10 million searches for bass and there are over 100,000 searches for bass fishing every month just on YouTube alone.

Of course the word bass, b-a-s-s could also refer to like the guitar. So we’re going to focus in on bass fishing specifically that has over 100,000 searches every month on YouTube. There really wasn’t a whole lot of people searching for fly fishing or different lures or things like that so that helps him know what kind of videos to focus in on.

Not only does that help him know what kind of videos people are actually looking for in his niche, but is also helping him know how to maximize his efforts to get the most amount of viewership for that video that he’s creating. If he was making something about fly fishing, it probably wouldn’t receive nearly as many views as something he would make about bass fishing.

It also helps him know that he should make his titles, description and his tags on YouTube just rich with words that revolve around bass fishing and fishing and things like that. Bass fishing is actually the number two most searched result around fishing, the number one is bloopers and funny. So if he can make his videos funny and maybe throw in some bloopers out there as well, he gets two birds with one stone. Or two fish with one hook?

But what if he wants to make videos that show up for Google search results? Well, you go to the Google keyword suggestion tool and it shows that 20.4 million searches a month are revolving around how-to tutorials for fishing. But furthermore, the keyword suggestion tool on Google shows the competition for the how-to market revolving around fishing is really low. So if he starts making videos in that genre, he has a very high likelihood of showing up pretty well on the search results for fishing on Google.

After that, Google shows the second most searched fishing keyword is fly fishing with about four million and after that, shimano with about one million searches per month. So that helps my friend know that he should make how-to videos about fishing for Google and he should make bass fishing and blooper videos for YouTube. Better yet, he can make a how-to video for bass fishing that throws in some bloopers and maybe some funny moments and he’d have a video that works both for Google search and for YouTube search.

Of course, this doesn’t just work for the fishing niche, this can work for any niche at all. I’ll link up the keyword suggestion tools in the description below both for Google and for YouTube so you can go check them out and use them yourself. A couple tips for you guys as you do so, number one, as we’ve said in earlier creator’s tip videos, you want to put your main keywords very close to the beginning of your title. Also, you want to put those main keywords very close to the beginning of your description and put them first in your tags as well.

Number two, use the keyword suggestion tool to dig down maybe a little bit deeper into the keywords that you’re coming up with. For example, we saw that bass fishing is the most popular searched term on YouTube for fishing. So actually take that term, bass fishing, plug it into the keyword suggestion tool on YouTube and dig down further. What specifically are people searching for about bass fishing on YouTube? And then maybe make a video about that, plug those keywords, if it applies, of course, into your video as well.

Comment below and let us know if you’ve ever used these keyword suggestion tools and if you have, how have they helped your videos really gain a new audience? How have they really helped search traffic come in for you and how have they really helped you know what kind of videos to make for your audience and your niche in the first place? We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re not already subscribed to our videos, you can click right there to do that or click the button above this video on YouTube so you can keep up with us every week when we release new creator’s tip videos for you guys. And I will see you on Monday for our weekly look at the Reel Web and online video news. See you then. Bye.


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