Brofresco: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

Brofresco: YouTube Channel Review – Through the ‘Reel’ Wringer

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This week’s ‘Through the Wringer’ show takes a look at YouTube’s own League of Legends legend Brofresco. The gamer’s channel is packed full of tips and walkthroughs, and I cast a professional eye over his content, programming, promotional, and community strategy and how other YouTubers can learn from Brofresco’s winning formula.

Gaming content is absolutely huge on YouTube, and Brofresco’s 790+ videos include full gameplays, as well as supplementary content like vlogs, cosplays, and funny clips. With 490K+ subscribers, and 128,041,785 video views, the creator ranks highly on the platform for many very niche keywords familiar to other gamers. That’s vital for being found when there are so many other channels in the same space.

Brofresco uploads League of Legends content, and does a great job of guiding the viewer to his other videos by making use of both the description box and by annotations. He also includes a link to his app – a browser extension that notifies subscribers of new uploads.

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This week we’ll be looking at Brofresco’s YouTube channel as suggested by these legendary VIDISEO viewers. So let’s load up Brofresco’s channel and see what insights we can squeeze out starting with Content.

Content: On the surface Brofresco is a gaming channel, but the beauty of YouTube is that you can find success in much more specific niches. Brofresco creates gameplay videos of just one game: League of Legends.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena and real-time strategy game with 27 million daily active players. The game is complex and takes time to learn. Sorta like Super Mario Brothers mixed with learning how to be an actual plumber. Just look at the titles of some of Brofresco’s top videos and see if they make any sense to you:

  • EKKOGameplay Mid
  • Tahm Kench Gameplay Support

Brofresco primarily does gameplay videos of matches that typically last around 30-35 minutes. He also does some new feature reviews, list videos, and some tutorials as well. Another happy accident about making League of Legends gameplay videos is that you can monetize them.

According to Riot Games Legal Jibber Jabber you can use League of Legends IP as the basis for a fan project that you’re giving away for free or that’s only generating ad revenue as long as you comply with their guidelines. So if you’re going to base your entire channel around a single game, you better make sure they have a similar policy.

Optimization: On the optimization side Brofresco does a great job of adding game specific keywords to his videos. Whether or not you know what any of these things mean people who play League of Legends do and running a little tag analysis shows that Brofresco ranks for just about every tag he’s added to his video. That’s very rare!

He does a good job of adding additional information and links in his descriptions, but I did notice that he doesn’t have the disclaimer that Riot Games asks you to add in their legal mumbo jumbo. I don’t think he’ll ever get in trouble for that, but he could use a tool like TubeBuddy to add the disclaimer to the end of all his videos in less than a minute. I’ll put a link in the description of the video.

Promotion: On the promotion side Brofresco does a great job of cross linking to his other videos in his descriptions and by using annotations. I did however notice that he doesn’t have an end card at the end of his videos. He could easily create an end card that looks like you’re playing league of legends but with buttons to subscribe or watch additional videos.

Another cool promotion tactic is a link to his own YouTube channel app I found in his video descriptions. It’s a browser extension that helps viewers get notifications for new uploads and more easily share his videos created at I’ll have to spend more time looking at the service, but it appears to have some interesting features for YouTubers.

Community: On the community side Brofresco has a built-in community of League of Legends players that watch his channel. So, while his overall channel engagement rate is a little low he can interact with and engage with his audience in other ways off YouTube. Specifically by playing League of Legends with them.

The Verdict: Brofresco creates well optimized gameplay videos for a gigantic niche community. If you’re a Brofresco viewer or subscriber let me know if the comments what you think he does well. Otherwise be sure to check out my other channel reviews, and subscribe for new reviews every week.


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