Brightroll Rolls Out ROI Measurement Products

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Keep rolling, rolling, rolling…out the new products! Brightroll teamed up with Vizu, Nielsen, InsightExpress and comScore to put together a series of new measurement products for its users. Roll on through to find out more.

BrightRoll now has five new products that are aimed at helping you find out exactly what your ROI is for your online video campaigns. Great news for anyone who has ever been dragged into a meeting to justify ‘what is is you exactly do here?’ Now you can go into that meeting armed with enough data to choke a downsizing specialist

The new suite will include five products designed to help BrightRoll customers measure campaign success in the following key areas:

Awareness — Measures the attitudinal impact of a campaign on brand awareness, message association, brand favorability, brand recall and purchase intent using InsightExpress surveys.

Impact — Leverages Nielsen’s NetEffect tool to measure the impact of online video ad exposure on offline consumer purchase behavior.

Validation — Utilizes comScore’s Campaign Essentials data to measure actual delivery on every campaign including reach, frequency, GRPs / TRPs and demographics of those exposed to the advertising.

Effectiveness — Uses comScore’s Action Lift product to quantify the lift for online behavior and engagement, including site visitation and engagement, share of voice and search behavior.

Optimization — Measures brand funnel metrics in real time using Vizu’s Ad Catalyst platform, allowing advertisers to monitor and optimize brand lift by creative, exposure frequency, and targeting segment.

“Traditional metrics just don’t give a complete picture when it comes to understanding the ROI of online video,” said Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of BrightRoll. “Our goal with this new suite and the research partnerships behind it is to provide the data and tools that will allow advertisers to measure the success of campaigns run on our network, while informing and optimizing future campaigns for maximum impact.”

It certainly looks like a useful set of tools for the online video marketer and advertiser toolbox. I had hoped to get some further information and example screens but alas, that didn’t quite pan out. I’m sure we’ll hear more about the products as they get picked up by Brightroll users. If you’re one of them and have an opinion, we’re more than interested to hear what you’ve got to say about these new tools.


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