BrightRoll Launches Video Impact for ROI Tracking

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BrightRoll, best known for their branded video advertising network, has launched a new service called Video Impact.

Video Impact is designed to measure the effectiveness of online advertising on retail sales and comes out of feedback from 150 advertising executives that BrightRoll polled in their 2009 Spring Online Video Advertising report.

Now that the economy isn’t all that great and advertising and marketing budgets are getting slashed with the heavy-handed machete of cost-savings, ROI is more important than ever before. Video Impact is set to track ROI for CPG marketers. It is going to be based on Nielsen’s NetEffect service (those guys again!) and will allow online advertisers to analyze behavior of the customers and optimize the delivery of the ads in the campaign. This is some serious down and dirty metrics we’re talking about. It’s going to look at the direct impact on actual sales based on the delivery of the ads to the customers online.

Thanks to NetEffect, Video Impact will be able to anonymously track panel participants from their online exposure to the ads all the way through to their purchasing. Sort of a scary thought really.

My question though is, how does that extrapolate out to actual metrics? If it’s only tracking members of Nielsen panels that sort of skews the numbers doesn’t it? It’s not a true tracking package in fact but an estimator. It’s taking behavior of what they believe is a representative cross-section of internet traffic and consumers and then extrapolating that out into what they believe are hard numbers.

That doesn’t really seem like the most accurate way to track things that could affect whether or not you and your staff have a job come next fiscal year. I would think a more in-depth solution would be called for here, one that actually tracks real traffic and real, regular internet surfers and consumers and find an actual ROI based on that instead of just using people who opt-in to be a part of some research or survey.

And seriously, who ever answered the question “Has this advertisement made you less likely or more likely to go out and buy this product?” honestly? Even when I was taking the surveys online in order to try to get something back in return I just breezed through them in order to get to the end. If there are 100 people like me out there then the feedback you’re receiving is going to totally be hit or miss.

I guess my question to you is, who here is a Nielsen panelist participant? I’m not sure if there’s some anonymity clause in your agreement with them so if you need to, respond anonymously. We promise we won’t tell! But I really am curious about this


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