Online Video Advertisers Can Connect with Audiences Through Metrics

Online Video Advertisers Can Connect with Audiences Through Metrics

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Brightroll, this week, announced a new dashboard-based offering called AudienceConnect which gives in-flight audience measurement and optimization in a single place. It ties into Brightroll TAG, which is the Total Audience Guarantee, powered by comScore Campaign Essentials or Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR). Altogether, Brightroll is helping advertisers get a better grip on their audience and helping maximize those video ad views.

If you’re a regular reader you know that I favor Brightroll as the number one place to do your video advertising based on the comScore Video Metrix monthly numbers. In March of this year they showed that they’re rolling toward Hulu level video ad views with a purpose, and are closing the gap on Google sites as well (read YouTube). But they also maintain an impressively low frequency (ads/viewer per month) of 8.5 and have a huge reach, a full 36.4% of the total US population. Over three times that of Hulu and just one-sixth of the ad frequency.

Gross. Rating Points.

One of the biggest draws of Brightroll’s AudienceConnect is the iGRP, Internet gross rating points, which is the TV-like metric that has been all the buzz of late (including recent articles by me). Many see it as a way for traditional, deep-pocketed, TV advertisers to make their way into the world of online video advertising.

Now, GRP isn’t really the best solution, it’s archaic and can’t be consumed in a vacuum as a determiner of whether or not an online video campaign is successful. After all, it was designed for television which is historically a lean back approach while Internet video and usage are interactive and lean forward. However, it could be the vital missing piece of the video ad convergence puzzle (along with bundling which I spoke to earlier this week in the article linked above). Generally, I’m anti-bundling, but in this regard I can see some definite advantages for both advertiser and consumer.

Connect to the Audience

The new offering from Brightroll gives that TV-like metric, but in a more real-time fashion meaning that campaigns can be tweaked on the fly and optimized for whatever the main goal of the campaign is, be it brand awareness increase, favorability, purchase intent or message recall.

There are three major features in AudienceConnect

In-flight Audience Measurement: Advertisers may use the in-flight insights about reach and brand metrics as well as measurements from third-party providers and iGRPs with comScore Campaign Essentials or Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) to ensure video ads are reaching the most relevant audience.

In-flight Optimization: BrightRoll uses data from established and highly-credible third-party sources, such as comScore or Nielsen, to provide demographic information including age, gender, household income and number of households with children, as well as geographic location. Brand metrics including favorability, purchase intent, awareness and message recall are based on survey data provided through Dimestore and Vizu.

User-friendly Interface: The AudienceConnect dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate. A help center including a glossary and frequently asked questions (FAQ) section is also available. In addition, the insights modules provide intelligent and expert perspectives on key data trends.

Far Beyond TV and the Old GRP

As you can see from the screenshots and the information above, this all goes far beyond what television advertisers have been working with for decades and throwing $72 billion at. That is what I see as the major draw to online video advertising in general. Combine that with falling traditional TV viewing and rising Internet video viewing and well, it’s plain to see where your target audience is going.

In terms of ROI and campaign effectiveness, the amount of data you can accrue about where your videos are being seen, who they’re being seen by and when they’re being seen is staggering. On top of that, with the proper partners and implementations, you can track a consumer from initial contact with a brand all the way through to retail purchase at a traditional brick-and-mortar retail shop. Granted, you won’t capture them all, some of them see it as an invasion of privacy, but this year things have definitely moved toward a more consumer-friendly video advertising experience thanks to initiatives like the Advertising Options icon (check any Google ad and you’ll see it in the upper right hand corner generally). Moving forward that is something that is going to be of vital importance. It’s best to tell them what it is you’re tracking and hope that the majority are informed enough to know that it’s not really damaging to them. Consumers have needs and being able to match your products with those who have the highest need is just good advertising. The key is going to do that as non-intrusively as possible without invading their privacy.


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