Brightcove Reaches Home Audience Via Internet-connected TV

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Brightcove is expanding their reach to the couch thanks to newly announced tools that will enable customers to create immersive, branded video experiences for Internet-connected television sets and other Internet-connected consumer electronics powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine.

Brightcove customers already taking advantage of the new distribution opportunity include Time Inc.,,, Wine Spectator, Slate, and The Hollywood Reporter.

The widgets combine Yahoo technology and Brightcove‘s Universal Delivery System (UDS) part of the Brightcove 4 Platform. Now you can upload a single video to the system and it will be transcoded to multiple formats so that you can reach all three screens (PC, mobile and TV) without having to do a lot of format conversion on your own.

“We are constantly striving to extend the Brightcove platform to enable new three-screen distribution strategies for our customers, and our integration with the Yahoo! Widget Engine significantly advances these opportunities,” said Chris Johnston, director of technology partnerships at Brightcove. “The broad adoption of the Yahoo! Widget Engine among leading television manufacturers has introduced a host of exciting new possibilities for Brightcove publishers to expand audience reach and grow their online communities.”

The widgets will tie internet-based content together with regular television viewing thanks to Internet-connected televisions from leading manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, LG and Vizio. Yahoo! TV Widgets enable consumers to experience some of the most popular Brightcove-powered online video experiences full screen on HDTVs.

This is pretty cool all things considered. There has been some tension I think between online video and television due to the split and shift in ad dollars. Now Brightcove seems to be moving the two closer together. While it might not be true harmony  as there will still be a split in the ad dollars this could certainly bring more value to broadcast television advertisements if they’re able to incorporate an online presence so that you can, when you see a product of interest, hit a button on the remote and check out further info, for example product demonstration videos, online via the Yahoo!/Brightcove widgets.

I’m not certain to the full extent of interactivity between the two (I suspect there’s none at present) but I can imagine it becoming a single user experience that ties together traditional television with online information and video which will probably help everyone’s bottom line in the end if advertisers and marketers can expand their reach with little effort. Of course nothing is free in life and it’s all hard work. But at least the potential benefits and ROI are expanding.


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