BrightCove Free Wheels Into HTML 5 Video Ads

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Brightcove and FreeWheel have teamed up to offer an HTML 5 ad solution. Now they’ve said that it’s the first of its kind but I seem to remember already writing about some HTML 5 ad solutions so I’m not so sure about that point. We’ll just say that it’s an HTML 5 ad solution.While Mark is off at the Streaming Media thingy in New York, I’m holding down the fort. Well no, I’m more like running around doing a million things of which some are writing for Mark while he’s off boozing it up in NYC (bastard!).

Anyway, Brightcove and FreeWheel have shaken hands on plans to go live this summer with an HTML 5 video ads solution. Hallelujah! I did mention that HTML 5 hasn’t even been ratified as an actual standard, didn’t I? Regardless, everyone is getting in line and signing HTML 5 deals. This one will use Brightcove’s HTML 5 support and integrate FreeWheel to help everyone monetize that video content and inject contextual content into the video stream as well as utilize playlists. FreeWheel’s innovative Monetization Rights Management( (MRM) product, enables media customers to successfully deliver advertising-supported video distributed through HTML5-compatible devices, including the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

So now that’s at least three HTML 5 ad solutions that are in the works. I’m sure there are more and I just miscounted.

“FreeWheel is a leading advertising technology partner and we share many of the same customers, including some of the largest news and entertainment media brands in the world,” said Brightcove chairman and chief executive officer, Jeremy Allaire. “While we have seen tremendous interest from our customers in rolling out HTML5 video experiences, the ability to effectively monetize the content has been a hurdle for early adopters. Together with FreeWheel, we are committed to helping these customers extend their ad-supported strategies to every screen and capitalize on the fast-growing audiences using HTML5 devices.”

This BrightWheel or FreeCove (I’d go with BrightWheel, it’s catchy. FreeCove sounds like Freak heh) solution will allow for device detection so that ads are properly formatted for whatever platform you’re watching the video on. Of course, it will only support H.264 content at present. Now customers of both platforms will be able to hit just about everyone with their ads.

I’m not all that excited about more ads everywhere I go. In fact, it’s nice sometimes to be able to surf and not see a slew of ads that obscure a site’s content or make you wait for something that you can get elsewhere faster and without an ad. But hey, it’s what we do here. We talk about video advertising right? I know that ads are necessary to make the world go round and many of us have already given in to their pervasiveness.

“Successful media companies understand that effective advertising strategies require monetization across multiple platforms, utilizing multiple formats,” said Doug Knopper, co-founder and co-CEO of FreeWheel. “It’s clear that HTML5 will become a pervasive standard for Web video and we are excited to partner with companies like Brightcove to bring this advertising solution to our clients.”

Brightcove and FreeWheel expect to roll out the HTML5 video advertising solution to joint customers worldwide at the beginning of June. Until then you’ll just have to make due with watching video on your iFads without all the ads, I know, it’ll be difficult but you’ll all manage I’m sure. When June rolls round you’ll be able to consume all the video ads you can handle I’m sure. Maybe we should have someone do research and track the video ads they see on their iP’s and see how it ramps up over the next few months.


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