Brightcove Enhances HTML5 Monetization Across Multiple Platforms

Brightcove Enhances HTML5 Monetization Across Multiple Platforms

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Getting ads to play consistently across a wide variety of platforms can be a headache, and with mobile viewing increasing at a rapid rate, the ability to get an ad on a mobile device or tablet is huge. But with different platforms come different browsers and operating systems, all with their own way of reading things and deciding what they’ll actually play. Obviously, that’s a tough process, but now it’s been made easier. Brightcove announced today the general availability of a comprehensive monetization solution for HTML5 video, including a plugin for FreeWheel, Google, Videoplaza, and YuMe.

Brightcove’s HTML5 Solution

Brightcove cites the study made by FreeWheel that found that ad-supported, rights-managed video content on smartphones increased nearly 8 times year-over-year, and that tablets have become the go-to mobile device for watching episodic content. By creating a pre/mid/post-roll solution that works across a variety of platforms, Brightcove is making it easier for these ads to be seen regardless of the device. And with such major players like FreeWheel, Google, Videplaza, and YuMe, the gap has been narrowed a great deal.

Brightcove had already made improvements over the years to ensure reliability over HTML5 and Flash-based desktops and mobile devices, but by providing a plugin for the ad networks above, there is a greater consistency and more people can be reached.

Another big advantage to having the HTML5 integration is “future-proofing” advertising strategies. Brightcove’s future-proofing ensured that when Windows 8 launched, their Video Cloud was able to keep running unimpeded.

It’s not something I think many brands think about, but it’s important. It’s easy to generalize “mobile devices” and forget that some run Android and some run OS X. Some browsers are Mozilla, some are Internet Explorer. And of course, the companies that make these browsers and operating systems don’t all agree on the best way to display content.

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