Brightcove Integrates WideVine DRM, Adds Paywall Solution

Brightcove Integrates WideVine DRM, Adds Paywall Solution

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It’s the NAB Show everyone! No, I’m not there. Yes, I know I should be. Don’t remind me. Anyway, Brightcove rolled out a series of announcements and so I rolled them into one big post for you to catch you up on all the new stuff going on there.

The major announcements from Brightcove revolve around DRM and paywalls but there’s also a tiny third announcement about some localization that I’ve included. First, let’s talk about everyone’s least favorite topic.

DRM – Widevine integration at Brightcove

DRM is a pain in the backside for publishers and video viewers alike. Publishers need to do it to protect their content from piracy. Viewers need to fight with it, because it never seems to work right and often keeps legit users from getting content. I know, I fight with Microsoft PlayReady all the time because of my aging TV card in my PC.

However, it’s a necessity and Brightcove knows that, which is why they’ve become a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner. That means Brightcove Video Cloud users will be able to, “package, securely distribute, and protect playback of video content,” for consumer electronic devices. Huzzah!

Widevine is said to be used on some 440 million devices, which includes 270 million connected devices in the home like TVs, game consoles, set-top boxes and even Blu-Ray players.

With the new integration Brightcove will allow for content encryption when it is uploaded to their Video Cloud service and package it all up. Widevine DRM will offer yet another option at Brightcove which already includes Adobe Flash Access DRM, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) encryption, domain restrictions, player whitelisting, and more.

Hit the Paywall (solution)

Now that there’s yet another way to protect the content, Brightcove also announced another way to monetize it with their new Video Paywall Solution. The new Brightcove VPS will assist in subscription management, payment processing and integrate with digital rights management (DRM) and content protection technologies, including Adobe Flash Access, Apple HTTP Live Streaming Encryption, Google Widevine, PayWizard, and TinyPass.

The premium content can be made available on a variety of devices including PC, smart phone, TV and OTT. There are six core pieces to their Video Paywall Solution Framework:

  • Registration and authentication that controls subscriber log-in and access.
  • Payment processing to help process subscription and pay-per-view fees.
  • User management capabilities to store subscriber information and permissions.
  • Cross-Platform DRM for adherence to rights and licensing agreements across multiple device platforms.
  • Encryption to help protect content as it is delivered from source to screen.
  • Navigation and discovery features that help viewers easily find the content they want.

The VPS framework even has some built in assistance in the form of reference applications, integration software, documentation, and integrated cloud services from multiple vendors.

Ohayou Gozaimasu!

Finally, for Brightcove announcements I mean, they have announced Japanese localization for the Brightcove App Cloud and Video Cloud Express.

Brightcove Video Cloud Express is available in Japan in three editions, 9,900, 19,900 and 49,900 JPY. Brightcove is also launching a special promotional rate for Video Cloud Express in Japan of 500 JPY.


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