BrightCove and Brightcove TV – Detailed Overview and History

BrightCove and Brightcove TV – Detailed Overview and History

Share on is essentially an Internet TV platform that allows amateur and professional video makers to monetize their content with revenues. Brightcove provides different distribution and monetization solutions that work for both kinds of video makers. Content providers can allow their content to be placed on blogs and websites free of charge, which increases their reach and drives traffic to their content. For income through advertisements, content providers can proceed in two ways. They can allow Brightcove to place ads in their contents and share half of the income or they can pay a stipulated amount to Brightcove so they can insert their own advertisements without sharing their income with Brightcove.

Brightcove’s home page provides access to all their channels. The channels are listed in categories like The Buzz, music, celebs, TV faves, news, food and drink, funny and see all. There are channels for, Wall Street Journal, and Warner Music Group. Brightcove was founded in early 2004 by Jeremy Allaire now the company is being managed by many associates like Adam Berrey, Elisabeth Carter, Eric Elia and others. List of competitors include PermissionTV, VideoEgg, YouTube, and Joost.

Brightcove allows content providers to completely brand their Brightcove platforms. This allows the content providers to have complete control over branding process. Content providers can use the Brightcove platform to add videos to a news site, or as their only content platform. A lot of Internet TV sites are using Brightcove as their only content platform. Video is the most popular published content but video is not the only thing Brightcove broadcasts. Content providers can also produce and publish contents like slideshows, podcasts and audios.

When users go to a specific channel category, they are provided with the option of browsing branded channels or individually uploaded videos. If they choose a branded channel they get all the Brightcove video and other media contents on that channel. Channel content can be viewed from the Brightcove site. Users can add videos or channels to their own Brightcove channels or add them to their own blogs and sites as the need arises. Syndication services are also available for the users for the site.

The biggest difference between Brightcove and YouTube is that Brightcove focuses its site around branded channels whereas YouTube focuses more on individually uploaded videos. Because of this Brightcove’s site comes off looking more professional and stylized rather than amateur.

PermissionTV tries to attract media companies. Beside that PermissionTV tries to attract users by first showing them an all flash mode. PermissionTV also helps their clients create a community around their channel with features such as a share button, embeddable players and RSS feeds.


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