Brightcove App Cloud Expands Features: Push Messaging, New Analytics

Brightcove App Cloud Expands Features: Push Messaging, New Analytics

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Brightcove has announced an expansion to its App Cloud feature set over in Spain at Mobile World Congress. If you’re trying to reach Android, iOS and other mobile web users, you might be interested.

The new features include intelligent cross-platform push messaging and content-level analytics that should provide valuable information to both the end-users and the app owners.

The Brightcove App Cloud enables digital media and digital marketing organizations to build and operate growing portfolios of cross-platform native apps for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets.

Here’s some info from their press release about the new push messaging:

The latest release of Brightcove App Cloud offers intelligent push messaging that is designed to allow marketers to schedule and send push message campaigns to their installed base of app users across both the iOS and Android platforms from a single dashboard. Messages can be addressed to all app users, users in a specific geographic area, users who have not opened the app in a specific time frame, or a combination of these criteria. Integrated analytics deliver real-time feedback on the number of push messages delivered, the number opened, and user interactions with the content of the message.

Knowledge is power, knowing is half the battle. There are numerous sayings, cartoon-based or otherwise, that talk about the power of information. Brightcove understands that and the new analytics are aimed at helping app owners as well.

App Cloud also now offers expanded analytics that are designed to allow app owners to track user activity at the content item level. Producers and marketers can see how many users have watched a particular video, viewed a specific image, or read a specific article or blog post. Combined with existing capabilities for tracking user activity at the section level, content item level analytics provide powerful insights into where users are spending their time and attention, revealing opportunities to further content available to the audience.

I’ve actually started looking at the Brightcove App Cloud for GDN as a way to quickly engage mobile users. It does so much more than just video, it can also do blogs, news, and more. It’s not the only system like this but it does seem to be one of the better developed. I tried with a couple others but the apps were of such poor quality that I never published them. I’m looking forward to what I can get out of Brightcove’s App Cloud.


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