Brightcove Now Serving Video To Android Mobile Devices

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If you create video and put it online, then the chances are good that you’d actually like people to be able to see it.  And as more and more web users go mobile–using smart phones and other mobile devices for their browsing, discovering, and sharing activities–it’s rapidly becoming vital that your video be viewable on as many devices as possible.

Today, Brightcove took a big step toward helping you out with that by announcing support solutions for their video player for Android mobile devices.  Android, which is Google’s mobile operating system, has been surging in recent months.  Many of the high profile mobile devices released in recent months have been Android phones, such as Verizon’s HTC Droid Incredible (which I have and love) and the Sprint HTC Evo 4G.

As these Android devices carve out a section of the market share for Google, it’s becoming increasingly important for content producers to have their content viewable by users of those devices—particularly video.

Brightcove’s announcement  says that they are releasing an SDK (Sofware Development Kit) to developers so that apps using Brightcove’s technology will play video smoothly on Android phones.  Additionally, they’re rolling out templates for Android Flash Player 10.1—released today by Adobe—to cover any web-related instances of video on Android phones.  This follows a similar launch of an SDK for Apple’s iPhone last fall.

Says Brightcove President and COO Dave Mendels:

“We believe Android will be the major other mobile Web browsing platform at least for the next year alongside the Apple devices.”

This is a great move for Brightcove.  They already have one huge advantage in the race to win the hearts of video producers—the customizable player.  In fact, nearly every client I have worked with that has chosen to use Brightcove has done so because of the customization and flexibility it affords.  Now, with the added support of Android devices, it brings Brightcove one huge step closer to competition like YouTube (which had a bit of an advantage on the whole Android thing, seeing as whole they’re both Google-owned products).

This is also another small chapter in the war between Flash and Apple.  It’s significant that a major video platform like Brightcove would so fully embrace the just released Android Flash Player 10.1.  But ultimately, it’s really not about choosing sides in the war as much as it’s about making sure their customers’ content is viewable by as many people who want to see it as possible.

As Jeff Whatcott, the senior VP of marketing says:

“We want to make sure our customers aren’t collateral damage in the platform wars going on right now.  Most don’t care about the ideological debate, they just want to embrace the widest possible audience.”

If you’re a Brightcove customer, that quote right there ought to warm your heart and make you feel very good about having chosen them as your provider.  If you’re not a Brightcove customer, that quote might give you pause to consider becoming one.

Because in the end, all we really care about—those of us who create, distribute, and market online video for a living—is getting our videos seen by the right audience.  Brightcove’s announcement today is a huge confirmation that they share that goal, and should go a long way toward winning over prospective customers that might be on the fence about choosing a platform.


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