Brand Demand Outstrips Creator Supply On Channel Pages

Brand Demand Outstrips Creator Supply On Channel Pages

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Channel Pages, a collaboration tool for YouTube creators, has attracted 30 million subscribers and an average of 300 million monthly views only 8 weeks after launch. The figures are impressive enough, but the platform is also fast becoming a vital resource for top tier brands and marketing agencies to connect with channels for video partnerships and initiatives. So much so, that demand from those brands is currently outstripping supply. With so much interest from brands looking to collaborate, there has never been a better time for creators who produce compelling, relevant content to take their venture one step further.

Channel Pages, currently used by 50% of AdAge’s 2013 “A-List” agencies, provides both creators and brands with targeted data that allows them to search through thousands of YouTube channels for the right partners. Creators themselves sign up to this matchmaking service by signing in via their YouTube/Google account. Their profile is automatically populated with stats such as subscriber activity, monthly views, average shares etc. They can then specify what kind of sponsorship or collaboration they are looking for. Interested parties can message the creator directly.


Spencer Richardson, Co-Founder and CEO of Channel Pages, confirmed the interest they were seeing from brands:

What excites us most about the rocket growth of Channel Pages is the incredible demand we’re seeing on the part of agencies & brands. Most audience marketplaces, in any industry, find it easier to grow the supply side and struggle with the demand side. With Channel Pages, we’re seeing a surplus in demand from advertisers looking for channels to sponsor directly, so are calling on all channels to get on board!

He also told ReelSEO that while the platform doesn’t currently manage the channel-sponsor relationship after helping each party find each other, they are getting significant feedback that these collaborations are resulting in new video content that significantly outperforms advertisers in-house efforts and is also resonating in a positive way with the audiences of the channels.

Viewers understand that their favorite channels need sponsors to survive, but what they don’t like is being inundated with banners and pre-roll advertising that is often irrelevant to the content experience they expect from the channel. Channel Pages is enabling advertisers to bypass the increasingly negative impact of such ‘traditional’ approaches, and build a more authentic and direct relationship with the audience by factoring in the actual experience of the audience into their promotions.

Graham Biller, Co-Founder at MBED, a San Francisco based content strategy firm that connects brands, agencies and studios with top content creators on YouTube and beyond ha been using the tool since its launch said that:

Channel Pages is now our go-to resource for building brand integrations on YouTube. It has managed to simplify several of the most time-consuming parts of that process: discovery, analysis and engagement with YouTube creators. It’s a valuable platform, and stands to change the way brands and creators think about media and monetization.

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If you are a creator on YouTube and you are looking for work with other creators, or you think your content may appeal to an agency or brand then it’s definitely worth adding your profile to Channel Pages to see if you attract any interest.

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