5 Ways Brands are Using Snapchat for Marketing and Promotion

5 Ways Brands are Using Snapchat for Marketing and Promotion

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As ReelSEO explained in a recent article about Snapchat, knowing exactly how to use the service for video marketing can be very challenging for brands. If you are struggling to find success with Snapchat, take note of these brands that have figured it out.

Taco Bell: Going Where the Audience Goes 

Taco Bell has made a habit of being where its fans are most active, which led them to Snapchat. It has successfully been using Snapchat to introduce new items to the menu and build the brand through witty interactions like its Snapchat stories. Although the ‘Stories’ feature is being pulled, the brand used it to great effect to show how Snapchat works well for food brands.

Taco Bell create some amazing content around tent-pole events, and it went all out for its 2015 Valentine’s Day campaign using Snapchat. The brand used the ‘Stories’ feature to publish a series of witty virtual Valentine’s card that followers could amend to send to their own sweethearts. Snapchat stories disappear after 24 hours, but Taco Bell created a lot of buzz in the time it had.snapchat-nachos

Takeaway: Well timed snaps can lead hungry customers directly to the restaurant to try the newest products or trusted favorites while the stories work well to keep fans engaged for when the suggestive snaps do come out.

GrubHub: Creating Brand Advocates 

GrubHub has utilized Snapchat perhaps the best of any company to enhance its restaurant grubhub snapchatdelivery service. It sends its customers special updates and deals, often exclusive to Snapchat, which keep fans not only engaged, but inspired to spread the word about this service.

The brand has also used the platform as a recruitment hub, famously advertising for a Snapchat-savvy intern for its marketing department. The candidate had to create a winning doodle (another popular feature of the app) and send it in to win a chance of an interview.

Sounds obvious,but so many brands miss a trick at snapping up the best marketing employees because they don’t recruit them based on their skills. No point looking for a Snapchat ninja via LinkedIn, right?

Takeaway: GrubHub is a great example of using one social media outlet to promote another, as their deals are often teased through Twitter, but require Snapchat to snag them.

Wet Seal: Collabs & Influencer Marketing 

Wet Seal followed much the same formula as other successful brands on Snapchat, but added a slight twist. While the clothing brand has found great success with snaps of exclusive behind the wet seal snapchatscenes footage and short-lived coupon codes, they also collaborated with a true social media influencer to reach a much wider, and engaged audience.

Wet Seal partnered up with MissMeghanMakeup. She is an 18 year old beauty blogger with over 320k subscribers on YouTube, just over 100k followers on Twitter and another 194k followers on Instagram.

Backed by her audience for just two days, Wet Seal was able to tap into their core demographic of teen women and took home the Shorty Award for “Best Brand on Snapchat”.

Takeaway: Whether it’s Snapchat or any other social media outlet, make a splash by working with influencers in your space who have already captured the audience you are after.

McDonalds: Real-time Snapchatting 

While a tweet does stick around for eternity, much like a snap its usefulness is gone almost immediately. That’s where McDonalds’ use of Snapchat during the Super Bowl worked so well. They were actively integrating their tweets with their snaps in the moment, capturing their viewers on the couch at just the right time.

mcdonalds superbowl snapchat

Takeaway: Due to its very nature, Snapchat is very here and now. If you are in touch with your audience, you can reach them in the moment with just the right message at the right time.

HBO ‘Girls’: Broadcasting Teasers 

Whether you are running a major cable television channel or a small YouTube channel, Snapchat lends perfectly to reminding your audience when a show or new video is ready for HBO Girls Snapchatviewers. It also gives viewers a sense of ownership of the show by providing behind the scenes content that viewers can’t get anywhere else.

This list could continue on much longer to include such brands as Karmaloop, Acura, Audi, Mountain Dew, and Pitch Perfect 2 (the movie) . The fact of the matter is that all of these brands have the same key components to any Snapchat campaign.

Takeaway: When used for timely reminders, promotions/deals and/or exclusive content Snapchat is highly effective. Used in combination with other social media outlets, Brands can create a never-ending conversation with their fans to keep them coming back for more.

Do you follow any favorite brands on Snapchat? Do you like what they are doing in terms of video marketing? Let us know in the comments below.


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