Branded Videos Total Over 2.4B Views in Q1 2014

Branded Videos Total Over 2.4B Views in Q1 2014

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Seems like only yesterday (it’s really been a month) that I was talking about how 2013 was the year of the branded video. Now Visible Measures released their Q1 2014 Branded Video Report. So did branded video continue its momentous climb or has it tailed off into the sunset and called it a valiant effort? Visible Measures has the answers we seek.

The fourth quarter of 2013 was a smashing success in terms of branded video viewing, over 2.5B views, so expecting things to remain at the pinnacle is somewhat unrealistic. And fall off they did, even with the Super Bowl, Sochi Winter Olympics, and NCAA March Madness, views dropped almost 8% to just over 2.4B. Then again, everyone may have just been a bit busier watching those three time consuming events and not got round to watching all the other stuff they have in their queues. The top five campaigns, by the way, only accounted for around 10% of all branded video views in the quarter.

Top 5 Branded Video Campaigns Q1 2014

Together the top five campaigns in Q1 2014 totaled around 255 million views and number one was First Kiss  from Wren. Two of the top five included animals with Puppy Love from Budweiser in second. Two had people being “super” human, both from 5-hour Energy. Fifth place was Dumb Ways to Die from the Melbourne Metro Trains, showing people being not so super, in animated form of course. For a more in-depth look at those videos see the article Top 5 Branded Video Campaigns Q1 2014.

Top 5 Brands

Wren, 5-hour Energy, and Budweiser all made it into the top 5 brands for the quarter. However, the other two top five campaigns did not come from the fourth and fifth brands – Samsung, and Google.

Samsung cleared 66.4 million views in the quarter and Google netted 61.5 million. The Galaxy S5 and Zeitgeist 2013 helped push these two into the top 5 brands.

As a side note. Wren topped this list with just one video, which cost them $1500, Wren’s sales increased by nearly 14,000% following the success of the video. How’s that for ROI?!

Top 5 Creative Agencies

Interestingly, three of the top five creative agencies, did not have top five campaigns. Anomaly did Puppy Love  and some other Budweiser stuff and McCaan Melbourne did Dumb Ways to Die. However, the number one spot went to Wieden + Kennedy Portland who picked up almost 103M views with videos like Pick Them Back Up (Proctor & Gamble Winter Olympics), It’s Beautiful (Coca-Cola Super Bowl), Strike (Maserati), and finally… Old Spice.

Second was BBDO New York who has Bud Light, Visa, and M&Ms, and fourth was adam&eveDDB London with Lipton, Google Zeitgiest and Sony (Details Make the Difference).

Top 5 Verticals

Automotive topped the verticals chart with almost 310 million views, probably due to their massive output around Super Bowl time. Second was Beverages like SodaStream, 5-hour Energy, Lipton, and Coca-Cola. Third was Health & Beauty led by Pantene’s #WhipIt and fourth was Apparel and Accessories which had Wren. Fifth was electronics with Samsung, and GoPro.

Top 5 branded charts q1 2014

The full report can be downloaded here.


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