Branded Video Views Up 73%, 3 Billion Views in Q3 2014 [Report]

Branded Video Views Up 73%, 3 Billion Views in Q3 2014 [Report]

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Smartphones, and soccer, contributed to the enormous amount of branded video consumed in Q3 2014. Of the 2.9 Billion views generated for branded videos from July to September 2014, around 484 million of them can be attributed to video campaigns for electronics brands. That represents 16% of the total video views for that period.

In its new Q3 2014 Branded Video Report, Visible Measures confirms that branded video views also increased by 3% from Q2 2014. Q2, included the biggest video advertising and marketing event of all time (up to now), the FIFA World Cup, so an increase of 3% in Q3 is a very impressive metric indeed.

Q3 2014 Branded Video Report: Research Highlights

  • Branded video views increased by 73% in Q3 2014 compared to Q3 of 2013
  • Viewers watched branded video content more than 2.9 billion times
  • Samsung had 2 out of the 5 most popular branded video campaigns of Q3 2014
  • Samsung, Google, Nike, Apple, and adidas were the most viewed brands
  • Electronics, and beauty, were the most popular verticals
  • Advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy Portland created campaigns with the most reach

Views of Branded Video Views Hit All-time High in Q3 2014

Views for electronic products, particularly smartphones, hit their peak in September 2014, on the back of the hype surrounding the launches of both the iPhone 6, and the Galaxy S4. In fact, unofficially, September seems to have become the month to promote a new smartphone. Brands took advantage of the buzz generated by Apple’s annual iPhone upgrade announcement, and also of the interest shown by the industry, and by consumers. In Q3 2014, Visible Measures confirmed that nearly 484 million branded videos views could be attributed directly to campaigns created around electronic devices, overwhemingly the smartphone itself. Overall, branded video views increased by more than 73% over Q3 2013.

Visible Measures tracked views using its ‘True Reach’ metric, which reports the number of times a video is watched across hundreds of the internet’s biggest sites (not just YouTube). The metric accounts for paid, owned, and earned media clips, uploaded by the brand, as well as videos driven directly by the audience.

Top 5 Branded Video Campaigns July – September 2014

Samsung makes some of the most prosaic, literal videos to promote its products, but there is no doubt that, dull as they are, the content pulls in the viewers. The electronics brand has nailed their digital video strategy, not least of all because they took advantage of the interest around the iPhone 6 to launch their own wonderphone, the Galaxy S4.

Dove paved the way for brand-as-gender-ambassador, and Always took the same path for its ‘Like a Girl’ video campaign. When ‘to throw like a girl’ has been the standard insult aimed at boys from the playground upwards, this video turned that stereotype on its head and earned the brand the #2 position for most popular branded video. Visa took the number 3 position, with Nike’s runaway World-Cup themed ad, coming in a solid fourth.

  1. Samsung’s “Official Introduction”: True Reach of 49,386,410 views
  2. Always’ “#LikeaGirl”: True Reach of 42,328,599 views
  3. Visa’s “Checkout”: True Reach of 31,334,569 views
  4. Nike’s “The Last Game”: True Reach of 30,829,255 views
  5. Samsung’s “Milk Music: A New Way to Discover Music”: True Reach of 29,534,379 views

Top Brands Q3 2014: Video Views Generated Over 3 Months

Even though Apple may have stolen the headlines, they were completely overshadowed by Samsung when it came to the reach of branded video views. Samsung were undoubtedly the most visible brand when it came to online video in Q3, standing head and shoulders above Nike, still riding high on the back of the World Cup, and also Google, adidas, and Apple.

top brands video views q3 2014

Visible Measures confirms that over 45% of total branded video views in Q3 were generated by 5 big campaigns that were either actively promoting a rival to Apple’s iPhone, or challenging the Apple product. Remaining video views were generated by 245 other campaigns – 35 launched during Q3, and 3 directly based around the World Cup.

Top 5 Verticals Q3 2014: Electronics the Overall Winner

With the phenomenal success of Samsung, it’s no surprise that electronics is the most popular industry vertical when it comes branded video views. That, in spite of the fact that the category had very stiff competition in the form of sporting events, Fashion week, and back-to-school promotions.

Electronics dominated the viewership with 47% more views than the next vertical, beauty. Within the electronics category, Samsung accounted for 53% of the views.

top 5 verticals most viewed branded videos q3 2014

You can download the full report for free from the Visible Measures site (registration is required).


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