Why Every Brand Needs to Create Haul Videos For The Holidays

Why Every Brand Needs to Create Haul Videos For The Holidays

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Now that the magic and madness of the holiday season is officially upon us, there is also an influential HAULiday trend that’s taking place on YouTube – we’re talking about Haul Videos.

While haul videos (where YouTubers unpack their most recently acquired or “hauled” products on camera) are important for brands to leverage all year round, the business of the holiday season makes Haul Videos extra influential. A recent report from Google confirms that “haul” videos peak during the winter holiday season. And this year is seeing an even bigger spike. Videos with the word “haul” in the title have been watched on YouTube more than 1.1B times, and views are already up 1.7 times since last year. Here’s why:

Haul Videos: Important Part of the Holiday Research Process

You can think of Holiday Hauls as first impression meets Christmas morning as excited YouTubers tear through packaging to share their enthusiasm for their latest finds with their loyal internet friends. Some popular items that YouTubers haul about include gifts, festive home décor, holiday outfits, holiday beauty essentials, holiday treats, and the list goes on.

Not only are holiday haul videos the perfect way to get in the holiday spirit, but they are also the perfect gift guide and source of shopping inspiration. After all, this is the time of year when most of us are in major need of recommendations as we are constantly on the lookout for the perfect gifts for our friends and family.

Importantly, shopping for gifts is a process that requires a bit of research, and when it comes to the millennial generation, YouTube has become the number one most trusted platform to conduct that research. It is a place where the value of products is conveyed by trusted peers rather than brands.

A New and Trusted Form of Window Shopping

When it comes to shopping (especially online), customers want to see what the product looks like when it arrives, whether it looks cheap or well made, or if it arrives different than advertised. That’s why unboxing videos are so popular with the YouTube audience. And since viewers subscribe to YouTubers because they like the video creators, they are more likely to view their hauls as a form of advice about which products to buy – it’s just more inspiring than a traditional ad.

Additionally, haul videos tend to feel more authentic and honest to the audience because they are usually filmed immediately post a shopping spree and usually show the products in their original condition and packaging.

Haul Videos Are Great For Announcing Holiday Promotions

Holiday shopping is all about finding the best deals, which is why holiday hauls are the perfect way for brands to collaborate with influential YouTubers. This is because haul videos make it super easy to introduce special bundles or promotions of products to an audience that would otherwise miss those special offers. You can also give YouTubers special coupon codes just for their subscribers along with unique URLS that can be listed in the description field of each haul video so that you can keep track of all the shoppers the YouTubers brought to your website. And if you want the audience to take immediate action you can increase their purchase intent by making the promotion a limited time offer.

Since this is also the season of giving, brands can run Giveaways at the end of Haul Videos to engage the audience and get them excited about products that they can win for themselves or a loved one. This a great way for brands to garner goodwill in the YouTube community. It is also an efficient way for brands to partner with even the biggest stars for less because YouTubers love giving back to their loyal subscribers.

Haul Videos Let You Promote Multiple Products At Once

Unlike Review videos that usually focus on a single product, haul videos have the advantage of featuring multiple products at once. This a great way for brands to show off and promote two or three products, or even an entire line of products. And this is something that works well for brands of all sizes. Here is an example of what a haul could look like featuring several products from one brand:

Even if you only want to promote one product and if you are a smaller brand, hauls offer a unique opportunity to gain more credibility because you can position yourself alongside bigger and more established brands, allowing you to gain more credibility through association.

To conclude, YouTube Holiday Hauls serve as an important gift guide for the holiday season. This is a trend that can only be expected to continue to grow during peak shopping periods, given that these videos provide the quickest and most engaging way to reach a new audience while giving influential YouTubers the ability to dominate conversations about the season’s trendiest must-haves in an authentic way.

On FameBit, hauls tend to be one of the most requested videos by brands. All you have to do is post a haul video request and watch haul proposal flow in. With thousands of creators using the platform, you can be certain that you will find the right stars in time for your holiday collaborations.


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