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Tangentially hooked into video marketing…it’s both unbelievably cool, and totally scary at the same time. So I had to write about it :) Remember that scene in Minority Report where the advertisements knew who John Anderson (Tom Cruise) was and tailored the ads to suit him? Everyone either laughed as if to say it would never happen, were ecstatic at the thought of their products being advertised in that fashion or had a cold chill through them with the possible implications of what the film demonstrated. Well those very advertisements are still some ways away, but we’re inching closer every year.

bluefire-digital-logoBlueFire Digital specializes in the next generation of mobile communication & entertainment solutions for digital signage industry, out-of-home advertising, point of purchase marketing and promotions, and paper based advertising industry. They offer Internet-based end-to-end solutions that enable small, medium and large sized enterprises to build, promote, manage and profit from their mobile marketing campaigns and provides technology for reaching customers at the point-of-decision in retail stores, banks, grocery stores, medical offices and other public venues.

What does that all mean?

It means Minority Report-like Digital Signage (DS) and Mobile Marketing is becoming more of a reality. Delivery of ring-tones, wallpaper, movie trailers, coupons, schedules and other promotional contents to customer’s mobile phones makes DS systems equipped with BlueFire MS far more superior than plain DS or kiosk.

What does the advertiser get?

  • Up to date information on which files were downloaded most.
  • Instantly add tags or serial numbers to each coupon or image content distributed to mobile devices.
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality provides data for further analysis such as ROI, most active devices, most downloaded file and more.
  • Integrated APIs makes integration to any DS and kiosk software easy.
  • Use as a standalone system to distribute content such as special promotion, contact information, sale etc.
  • Free for customer. No airtime charges for customer receiving contents.

What Content Can it Deliver?

  • Images: jpeg, gif, png, wbmp
  • Video: 3gp format
  • Ring tones: midi, mp3
  • Games: java games and applications

How does it work?

The system is opt-in so as to be non-intrusive. This stops consumer phones from suddenly being flooded with information from unknown sources and Bluetooth must be activated for it to receive the information.

BlueFire MS SE’s easy to use Java and Web API interfaces provide synchronization with DS to distribute mobile content relative to content on LCD or Plasma screen. Kiosk operators can use BlueFire MS SE to market revenue generating mobile content that is delivered to the consumer right on the spot.

Is it Valuable?

Remember that recent Nielsen report that said there are “91 million people with video-capable mobile phones?” That means there are 91 million potential targets for this type of advertising if you utilize short video clips in 3GP format. That’s just video-capable phones.

That’s a Wrap

The ability to send your video ads to any mobile phone could be the wave of the future. Doing it from various locations when a consumer is in that specific area could be invaluable. This system could become the quintessential location-based advertising service. It takes the shotgun out of the shotgun approach and targets specific consumers in a specific area when and if they want to be targeted.

Think about the implications of this. You have a new product you want to highlight. In order to get people into your location you could hook them with short video ads sent to their mobile as they are walking past the shop or past digital signage.

You have a product you’re promoting via kiosks but need to get people interested in the kiosks or the product; connect to their mobile with something that compels them to investigate further.

Thank you for reading this John Anderson, I hope you found it interesting and insightful.


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