Relaunches as Center for Original Web Series Relaunches as Center for Original Web Series

Share on was what? I forget, oh right, a video sharing site for content producers, now I remember (yes, I’m joking here… I know Blip). Well, it seems they decided that it was too close to competing with YouTube or to hard to do so and so have shifted gears into an internally-curated original web series site. Which is really sort of what they were but basically, as they were more focused on the actual videos they have now angled themselves to a more consumer-facing site so that people can discover original web series more easily.

Some of the things they’ve changed so that they can help viewers find new content more easily include interest categories which group content based on what it is, and on every episode page the content producer is able to recommend other content which gives some cross-pollination between series. I suppose you might also just recommend other series that you create instead, if you’re a multi-series creator that is.Viewers can also choose to watch shows that are popular, trending or new to the network. The new site also includes an enhanced video-friendly search experience that easily guides viewers to exactly what they’re looking for.

Since 2005, has worked closely with the world’s top web series producers, advertisers and distribution platforms with the mission of making original series scalable and profitable. With the introduction of’s new site, the company continues to enhance its offerings to producers and talent and is now enabling viewers to easily discover the most entertaining series on the Web.

“Until now there hasn’t been a single website dedicated to showcasing the most entertaining series on the web. Today we are launching that site,” said Mike Hudack, CEO and co-founder of “We’re focused on helping people discover the best original series and allowing producers to build sustainable series for the long-term. The launch of this site helps us achieve both of these goals and marks a turning point for and the emerging industry of original web series.”

New Functions for Producers

They didn’t just change the direction of the site, they also built in some extra support for the actual content producers who can now also tie into social media profiles, better organize content and more easily engage with viewers.

Producers can also, for the first time, customize their graphics on to create film quality Show Posters that develop series’ own brand stories and provide arresting visuals that viewers will love.

New Advertiser Opportunities

In addition to new opportunities for producers and fans, the new site offers advertisers new ways to engage with web series fans. Opportunities include home page takeovers, channel sponsorships and standard IAB display advertising units.

This will increase monetization potential for all involved, including

New Blip.TV Better For Viewers, Producers, & Advertisers

They seem to have done something for everyone which is vital to a successful re-launch of a site. Often, when a service like does a site rebuild they focus on one key area or demographic, say viewers. That’s what I thought they had done at first here but looking deeper into it, I think they’ve really done a good job on making sure they could get something in there for content producers as well as advertisers to help everyone make a little more money.

Plus, by making the site more ergonomic for viewers and giving them more avenues to find new content which is always good, especially when there’s so much content to peruse that you don’t know where to begin. is almost taking a two-level approach to curation. They are first and foremost acting as gatekeepers to what is created for the site and secondly they are giving content providers the ability to basically recommend the stuff they watch.

So if I am watching and really digging Immersion, and I then scroll down and check out their recommendations, it’s entirely possible that I’ll find stuff that I might like there as well. Doing a quick experiment (as I was watching some Immersion while writing this) I found a potential candidate: the Ork Skullhamma tank conversion video from Watching Paint Dry. Even before I got into the actual video, I knew this was something my friend Rory would be far more interested than I would, but I was dedicated to the cause. OK, I lied. I made it through like 20 seconds of that and went back to look for another candidate. Alright, what it boiled down to was a lot of crap… and Red vs. Blue.

So, while the content they are recommending is generally related to the content on the page, there’s still quite a large amount of knee-deep crap to wade through in order to find that great content, like Immersion. No, I have nothing to do with them, but I have to say, they really do have some great content, including Side Scrolling in Real Life, Video Game Inventory Systems and, what is sure to be a classic for everyone, Fighting Girl Clothes (yep, pretty much what you think it is).


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