Pre-Roll Video Ads Offer Downloads On Xbox 360 Pre-Roll Video Ads Offer Downloads On Xbox 360

Share on have taken interactive pre-roll ads to a whole new level in their bid to help Wieden & Kennedy get NCAA Football 11 in the public gamer consciousness. They created a click-to-download pre-roll mechanism that set the demo to download on the Xbox 360 console.The Click-to-download mechanic takes some extra steps out of the process that could certainly prove to be beneficial as there are far less steps for the conversion to be lost. Normally you would click for more information, that would take you to a website, you would then have to read the information, click a download link which would then take you to your Xbox LIVE account so that you could login, etc… A lot of places for people to leave the path. This made it one or two step (if they weren’t logged into the LIVE account).

This could be the new way to cut out all the middle information and get people to act, but really, it’s not any different than a click-to-buy link in a sense. However, it is unique in that it is a cross-platform mechanic, from computer to Xbox 360. It could also, they say, program your DVR if it’s web-connected.

This project was specifically aimed at helping increase conversions, pre-orders of the game. Pre-orders can make up a good percentage of game sales and also help a company determine the interest level in a title. The consumers presented the ad had already identified themselves as being gamers or console owners by searching for game-related content. They pulled info in from Blue Kai including  purchase data from other sources like Data Logic and eRetailers.

But imagine if it could send an app/video/document/image to your mobile phone the next time it connected to a Wi-fi hot spot. What if it allowed you to use your phone as a remote control to program that DVR while you were away from home or even the office. did do something like this before where it showed an ad that downloaded a show to certain cable boxes, so it’s not the first time for them on the click-to-do-something front.

Is this the new trend in video advertising? Didn’t anyone ever find it odd that a video-based ad sent people to a text-based informational site (normally) instead of to something more interactive? It seems like advertisers and creative agencies are going to have to expand their ideas, along with their budgets and staff. They’re certainly going to need some technical people if this is going to be the new trend, or, if acts quickly, they could patent the whole process, package it up and sell it as a new ad network or format (hurry Blip, hurry!)

Not too shabby for a company that only has 32 staff (a third of which are programmers we hear).


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