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“We’ve got a great service for great shows. The world is fundamentally changing as it becomes easier for people to create their own video.” – From site. was founded in the year 2005 by Mike Hudack along with Dina Kaplan, Justin Day, Jared Klett and Charles Hope in the city of New York, America, keeping in mind primarily the videobloggers, podcasters, Internet TV producers and the people who are producing a steady stream of episodes. These people were trying to create knowledge management software when they realized the need for videoblogging and created a suitable platform named This is essentially a video sharing service.

The provides almost everything to the content creators, which they may ever think of like free hosting, support for several video formats, distribution to the blogs and other destinations using the technologies like RSS with sharing of the advertising revenues @ 50%. tries to concentrate on the shows based contents instead of viral videos. The also offers private label technology way outs for traditional media companies who want to incorporate user-generated content into their existing platforms.

To upload the video contents you may opt for a Web interface, or FTP, or from a mobile phone or through a client-side batch uploader and through a version of the Internet Archive advance contribution interface. The offers uploads of the video files in formats like Quicktime, MPEG, 3gp, DivX, Real Media, WMV, mp3 or Ogg. The upload facility available through the Web interface allows multiple versions of the same video. The recommends maximum file size of 150mb, though in practice accepts up to 1 gigabyte file sizes. Unlike the and are made available on immediately, and a transcoded flash version is made available to the viewers after five to fifteen minutes. Users can opt to display the transcoded flash version by default, or their original version of the video. offers copy and paste HTML for placing videos on other Web sites, along with a feature it calls cross-posting to syndicate automatically videos to other Web sites, RSS feeds are also available to the viewers for the syndication of user videos. Videos files uploaded by the user to can be automatically syndicated to the sites like AOL Video, MSN Video and, Dabble, Mefeedia, FireANT, iTunes etc. The allows you to retain all rights to your video content. Beside that has provided clear guidelines about the nature of the video content to be uploaded, they have specified that demonstration of cruelty to animals, drug use, nudity or any information about a minor other than the first name, excessive vulgarity, defamation, insult, etc. are not to be uploaded by the user. There is no cost involved to join the site and upload your video. now lets all users to incorporate advertising into their video files. All you need is a PayPal account to receive the payments. You are allowed to choose from several different advertising setups available, or you may opt out altogether. pays you for your video content, you might just want to go ahead and post your movies out there. Video formats include pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, overlay, adjacent, and others.

The was established by Mike Hudack, he also holds the post of CEO in Before associating with the, Hudack was a software developer and systems administrator at National Hockey League and he was also working as a consultant to Time Warner. Hudack has designed and developed a number of politically-oriented blogging platforms immediately after the September 11 terrorist attacks. is by far my favorite video sharing website as it is easy to use, robust, and features almost everything that you would need for video sharing.


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