Blip Introduces Blip Studios, Signs Exclusive Web Content Talent

Blip Introduces Blip Studios, Signs Exclusive Web Content Talent

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Blip, an independently-run video destination, announced the creation of Blip Studios today.  In a move that is becoming more and more common among video networks, Blip has entered the fray of producing their own web shows.  The creation of the new studio will help web producers create high-quality, original content while working with brands, talent, and independent producers.  The announcement coincides with Blip’s promotion of Steve Woolf, former Vice President of Content for Blip, to Senior Vice President of Content and President of Blip Studios.

Blip Studios Exclusive Content Offerings

Three shows now have exclusive deals with Blip Studios (descriptions from Blip’s press release):

  • Nostalgia Critic: With a massive, dedicated audience, Nostalgic Critic, starring Doug Walker, is the long-running hit from production company Channel Awesome. The series features Walker as he critiques and pokes fun at all things nostalgic, especially television and video games from the 80’s and 90’s.

Here’s one of the episodes that is dear to my heart: a rundown of the Top 11 Simpsons episodes of all time:

  • Nostalgia Chick: Originally a counterpart to the hugely popular series Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgic Chick, produced by Lindsey Ellis, Antonella Inserra, and Elisabeth Hansen and starring Ellis and a roster of guest stars, was focused on nostalgic television and movies targeted for women.  With an engaged audience of millions of monthly viewers, the show has quickly evolved into a critique of popular culture with recurring characters that form a fun, collaborative variety review.

Here’s an episode where Lindsay runs down a Top 10 Guilty Pleasure Movies of All-Time:

  • Todd in the Shadows: Known as “A Guide to Terrible Pop Songs of the Present and Past,” Todd in the Shadows stars Todd Nathanson and has garnered millions of views around the world. Todd is enshrouded in shadow as he takes us through the context of a mainstream pop song, breaking down the minutia of the awesomeness and the awfulness, and establishing a great connection with his audience.

Here, Todd (in the shadows) breaks down Fun’s “We Are Young,” and Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know,” which is pretty awesome:

These are very entertaining vlogs with great content from a well-defined perspective.  So it’s good seeing that these web producers are getting the support to make high quality content.  The deals with these producers will include increased advertising revenue, sales featuring brand integration, marketing, distribution, production resources, and developing an audience.

Considering that these shows have a catalog into the hundreds of episodes, this announcement must come as a big, “Finally!” to the producers of these shows.


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