How Black Panther’s Monumental Success Translates to Online Video

How Black Panther’s Monumental Success Translates to Online Video

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In case you haven’t noticed, Black Panther has been killing it recently in the box office. A quick Google search reveals multiple milestones the film has achieved, such as highest-grossing solo/non-sequel superhero movie and second-biggest grossing film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film’s success has even been compared to the female-led blockbuster Wonder Woman, as both flicks not only challenged Hollywood norms by telling stories about typically underrepresented demographics (African/African-Americans and women, respectively), but were also made by people of those demographics.

Obviously, Black Panther has done extraordinarily well for itself on the big screen, but how does the film stack up in terms of digital video? Thanks to Tubular-exclusive data, we can find out! When we searched for Black Panther-related clips in our software, we found a mix of Facebook and YouTube-hosted videos which could be broken down into three basic categories: advertisements/trailers, behind-the-scenes and talk show clips, and viral content. Let’s take a look at how these videos performed overall.

Theatrical Marketing: Black Panther Products Run Wild

According to Tubular’s software, the most-watched clip related to Marvel’s Black Panther from the last 90 days hails from car manufacturer Lexus. The video is a 30-second spot featuring the brand’s LS 500 F Sport model, which was prominently featured in one of the film’s intense chase scenes. Unfortunately, we can’t show you the clip here because it’s now taken down, likely do to being part of a time-sensitive campaign surrounding the movie’s release. That doesn’t diminish the fact, though, that this advertisement pulled in roughly 12.1 million total views on YouTube, with the first 7 million of these arriving the first week after the video went live!

That being said, there were a few other excellent examples of advertisements and trailer-related clips to look at in the top ten most-watched results for Black Panther videos. For example, the film’s final official trailer, which was uploaded by the FilmSelect Trailer YouTube channel on January 9, boasts 10.2 million total views in the 6th spot of the top ten. Following closely behind at #7, we find a short 15-second advertisement from Hasbro’s YouTube channel featuring some of its Black Panther costume pieces for kids; this video generated 10.1 million total views, with 8.1 million of them showing up within a month after posting. Finally, we have a clip from Indonesian online retailer JD.ID, which pulled in 8.5 million views at #10 and shows a variety of limited-edition collectibles based on the film.

Essentially, it seems theatrical marketing can work well for some studios and brands on YouTube in particular. Audiences on that platform are already trained to watch trailers and TV spots (think replays of Super Bowl ads, for example), so it makes sense they would head to that online video site to view, rewatch, and share such content.

Panther Fans Loved Behind-the-Scenes and Talk Show Videos

The next category of video content we discovered surrounding Black Panther was behind-the-scenes and talk show clips. These types of videos claimed three of the top ten most-watched Panther-related videos from the last 90 days, with a video about the film’s premiere leading the pack with 10.8 million views and placing #3 in the top ten. The clip from BuzzFeed’s Cocoa Butter highlighted the “pure black excellence” of the red carpet event and showed the array of breathtaking, African-inspired wardrobes on celebrities in attendance.

Trevor Noah had a few things to say about Black Panther, and plenty of Facebook users were ready to listen. A clip from Comedy Central’s Between the Scenes page, showing The Daily Show’s host poking fun of the movie’s haters and providing his personal take on the film, generated 10.5 million views to place fifth in the top ten. Fellow talk show host Jimmy Fallon also landed in the top ten most-watched Black Panther videos with a touching segment showing the film’s star Chadwick Boseman surprising fans while they express how much the movie meant to them. This nearly 6-minute-long clip pulled in a solid 9.7 million views, with a whopping 9.6 of these appearing in the first seven days!

All of these behind-the-scenes and talk show-related videos were hosted on Facebook, implying that movie audiences like to head to that social platform in particular for this type of content. Basically, brands can take a cue from this preference if they want to release any supplementary videos related to big screen releases, and they’ll likely see those efforts rewarded with plenty of views and engagement.

Don’t Forget Those Viral Wakanda-Related Videos

Every video we’ve covered so far somehow had an official tie to Black Panther, whether it was from one of Marvel’s advertising partners or from a fellow entertainment industry brand. For the last three clips of the top ten Panther videos, however, we discovered more personal, fan-related content which just so happened to coincide with the release of the film and therefore fuel their virality.

Surprisingly, the #2 most-watched video stemmed from the Facebook page Because Facts and didn’t feature the Black Panther film at all. The clip, which generated an impressive 12 million total views as of this writing, actually highlighted the Black Panther Party from the late 1960s and its efforts to bring healthcare to its communities. This video was released on February 11, a mere five days before the official release date of Black Panther. Coincidence? Probably not. In fact, it’s likely Because Facts knew audiences would be searching for Panther-related content and decided to capitalize on that opportunity.

The fourth most-watched clip from a now-defunct Facebook page called “You know your parents are African when….” is, unfortunately, also no longer existent. But at the height of its playability, the clip claiming to be the second-best thing after Black Panther and possibly showing a customer stopping a store theft generated 10.7 million total views. Fortunately, the video from Ron Clark Academy, which placed ninth on the charts hasn’t been taken down and is such a joy to watch as it features the celebrations of the school’s children once they find out they’re all going to see Black Panther in theaters. Facebook audiences apparently loved seeing the kids’ happy dances as the clip pulled in 9 million views in the first seven days, hitting a peak of 9.6 million total views as of this writing.

As is clear from these last three videos, viral content related to a new film release tends to perform well on Facebook. Brands can easily hop on board the marketing buzz around upcoming movies by generating or sponsoring content related to those flicks. It certainly worked for brands like Lexus, Hasbro, and others in terms of Black Panther videos. Long live video marketing, and long live the king.


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