Caption This! Bits On The Run Now Features Built-in Video Captioning

Caption This! Bits On The Run Now Features Built-in Video Captioning

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All hail the power of online video! Bits on the Run announced that video captioning is now built into its online video platform. That means even more accessibility for that all-important online video presence, if you so choose to use them.

Bits on the Run is part of Long Tail Video of course. They recently announced, “built-in support for uploading, storing and publishing video captions in the SRT and DFXP formats,” so you can have a single track or multiple tracks of captions–so you might even do multi-lingual captions. Here’s their how-to guide.

Video Captioning From Bits On The Run

You have to do all the captioning, or get it done, outside of Bits on the Run but the OVP will manage all the captioning when the videos are played which is quite handy.

It’s part of a flotilla of other upgrades. Some other stuff is better player loading thanks to some infrastructure improvements on their part, the inclusion of Google Analytics account ID management right from the BotR dashboard and the ability to push metadata up in a batch FTP process if you’ve got 100 or more videos you need to get updated.

Finally, they stated that several other improvements are on the way including , ” improved MP4 video quality, and a Google DFP (DART for Publishers) ad serving integration.”

If you haven’t tried out Bits on the Run they have a free account that offers 1GB of storage, 5GB of bandwidth and from there it’s pay-as-you-go pricing if you want to upgrade.


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