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Research demonstrates that analysts are expecting nearly 200% growth of the currently $800 million content delivery network (CDN) market for 2008. The highly competitive companies trailing behind industry leader Akamai, includes Limelight, Mirror Image, Itiva, Grid Networks, Amazon Services, and more recently, Digital Fountain. Companies are looking for ways to differentiate themselves in this highly competitive market. One way towards differentiation, though all CDNs are working on it, is to become the standard for HD video delivery.

Content delivery network (CDN) BitGravity introduced their streaming video offering, BG Live Broadcast, at the recent DEMO08 conference. In fact, it was actually used to broadcast the Demo 2008 conference worldwide online. BitGravity’s game changing architecture was designed specifically for the challenge of delivering more heavy bandwidth intensive applications. The company claims that they are the first carrier-grade live video broadcasting solution for the internet and their goal is to enable streaming video online to be as fast and high-quality as streaming video via television. In addition, their streaming video service aims to bring the same to live video streaming, enabling communities of users to view the same shows instantaneously.

The BitGravity progressive download technology allows high-definition video video to play with hardly any download time and minimal choppiness. It also allows you to jump around the video with hardly any latency. If you want to stream live events using BitGravity, you can request a machine from them that will come preloaded with all the requisite software. Costs will then accrue depending on how much bandwidth you consume.

BitGravity already provides on-demand (i.e. recorded) video delivery for fifty clients, the Tom Green Show and Revision3.


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