The Big IPTV Network List: Where to Watch Original Web Series, TV and More

The Big IPTV Network List: Where to Watch Original Web Series, TV and More

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I’ve been doing a lot of online video viewing lately as I cut the cord a handful of months ago (60 hours in July). I started thinking that what I needed to do, aside from shining the spotlight on great shows, was to also shine a spotlight on the places where I cruise for my content. So I started assembling a big list of IPTV sites where you can watch just about anything you’re looking for, legally that is.

My Big List of IPTV Sites & Networks

Amazon Prime Instant Videos $79 a year gets you access to a massive library of thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Instant Videos (also free 2-day shipping of Amazon orders). Everything from Downton Abbey to Sons of Anarchy in TV and Mission Impossible to Enter the Dragon in movies.

Hulu – You know them, you love them (though you probably hate their ad load, even with Hulu Plus). It’s the joint venture of some of the largest broadcasters on the planet. Loads and loads of TV shows and movies, plus, some original web series, theirs and the work of others.

Netflix – You know them, you might hate them because of all that hubbub last year about pricing and what not. They’re more known for movies but have been encroaching on Hulu’s TV viewing territory some reports say. Original Web series that is theirs? Battleground (political dramedy in Wisconsin).

Yahoo! – While they nabbed Tom Hanks’ Electric City recently, they’ve been in the original web series game for a bit and have a long list of shows like Chow Ciao, Newsmakers, Stunt Nation and more.

AOL – AOL On is the platform and features a channels-based approach to web video including, tech, video games, celebrities, auto etc. The channels are mad around the AOL network itself. The channel they’re missing? Original Web Series. – This is where I found and watch Super Knocked Up. Other than that I’ve found not so much that I enjoy there and some stuff that was downright awful. Not CW awful, but “don’t do this in your video” awful. From the about:

Koldcast is an international television network which distributes programming to entertainment consumers around the world via the KoldCast TV Network site via set-top boxes, connected/smart TV’s and mobile devices, and via unique relationships with broadcast and cable TV networks and other television distribution venues around the world.

YouTube – Home to cat videos, getting punched in the junk and of course, PhillyD (Rock on Phil!). Actually, Google is throwing millions at creators to make new premium content these days and it’s really starting to produce some great content including one of my weekly to watch, Tabletop with Wil Wheaton.

Web Series Channel – I stumbled on this one while doing research for this article. It’s the place to go to find out where to go to watch something.

Web Series Channel is an online database of information related to web series. Launched in 2010 Web Series Channel aims to become the most comprehensive guide on all web series programming.

Clicker – The self-proclaimed Internet Television Guide. Another place to go to find places to go to watch video.

Clicker is the complete guide to Internet Television. Our mission is to make it simple for you to find the right show, right now.

Veoh – Became part of Qlipso recently.

By bridging the gap between uniquely social interactive user experiences and the portability of online video, games, music and other multimedia, Qlipso empowers users to share the Flash-based media content they find and enjoy on the Web and interact with friends and family in a secure and friendly virtual environment.

Vimeo – Vimeo is the place for artsy filmmakers to show their stuff off. It’s more like the indie film festival of the web as opposed to Hulu which is like standard TV and Netflix which is the online budget theater. There’s some stellar stuff on Vimeo that shows a wide range of talent and creativity in its community. Go watch some awesomeness.

Dailymotion – Bon jour mon ami! The French have arrived and expanded operations in the US. I hear they might be interested in some original web series themselves. It’s just what I hear. You can upload videos to DM as well as browse others in a wide range of categories and channels. The MotionMaker program is the place for short films, of which some are quite good in fact.

Revision3 – Pioneers in internet video and home to some seriously great content, recently purchased by discovery and working with notable people like Ben Heck, Phil DeFranco, Veronica Belmont, Kevin Rose and tons of other big names in Internet news and media.

The SFN – Some time back, I had a great conversation in email with Stewart St. John about online video and the SFN is what his online presence has turned into over time. Original series and continued expansion seem to suit the SFN quite well.

The SFN Online Television Network, also known as SFN TV, is the next generation video network featuring original, exceptionally produced scripted and reality series for a global audience.

Founded by Stewart St. John and Todd Fisher — innovative television writer/producers, filmmakers and online pioneers who’ve been creating content in the web space for an unprecedented 15 years, The SFN is home to daytime Emmy winners, nominees, prime time television stars and new celebrities in the making.

Go Go Power Rangers! (SSJ wrote on that show…)

MetaCafe -They’ve been around for quite some time and if you don’t know them by now, you’ve been living in a hole in the ground. The “About” is a bit full of itself though.

We’re the first and only entertainment destination solely dedicated to showcasing the best short-form videos from the world of Movies, Video Games, TV, Music and Sports – programmed for today’s young male Entertainment Drivers. – More than just a blip on your RADAR as they have been around for some time and have a curated set of web series that are chosen by the staff.

Blip is the place to discover the best in original web series, from professional and up-and-coming producers. We give viewers free access to a wide variety of dramas, comedies, arts, sports and other shows and make it easy to find what you want when you want it.

Late Additions

The response to this one has been robust and perhaps heated may apply as well. Here are some others that I’ve been turned on to. – Another on-demand online television service that offers over 50 different shows and founded as, “a network to combine Virtual Series, WebSeries, Original Programming, Audio Series & Prose Series all under one roof.” It has shows that you can find in a variety of places, like Aidan 5, as well as shows that appear to be fairly exclusive to the service.

Mevio – This was an “omission by brain fart,” as in, I was aware of it, and utterly forgot to include it (totally sorry about that!). They’ve been around for quite some time as well and sum things up quite well:

MEVIO hosts networks of personality-driven episodic entertainment to best engage our customers-comprised of viewers, producers, advertisers and partners.

MEVIO has over forty shows in production, ranging from technology to comedy and general entertainment.

Final Thoughts & More Sites to Watch Video

There are numerous web series that have their own website but then show up on YouTube or one of the sites. I wasn’t going to include all of them, because it’s easier to just find them on the major sites. There are also numerous places like Epix, VUDU, Ultraviolet, etc where you can watch streaming movies which were made for theatrical release. I didn’t include them either, because they’re simply movie sites and not really IPTV sites. I tried to only include places that had multiple original series or enough serial content (TV) and other content like short films, etc. If you are looking for places to stream movies it’s an easy enough Google search.


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