This Week’s Best Online Video Ad Campaign: Repurposed Lip-Dub From NBC’s The Office

This Week’s Best Online Video Ad Campaign: Repurposed Lip-Dub From NBC’s The Office

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I wrote a few days ago about some research from Dynamic Logic on how brands are using repurposed video for online campaigns, often to great success.  In fact, when the goal is brand awareness, repurposed video is just as effective as content created specifically for the web.  So I was thrilled to see such a fantastic example of that go viral this week.

This weekly column is a place for me to highlight and praise the very best online videos from major companies and brands, many of whom are starting to use the extra resources they have at their disposal to create innovative videos and creative video marketing strategies.

The brand?  NBC’s popular sitcom, The Office. The video? A lip-dub that loops throughout the fictional workplace.  It’s great.  And it’s even better as an example of repurposed video succeeding online. Here, take a look for yourself:

This isn’t the first time that a repurposed clip from an episode of The Office has gone viral online–you might remember their send-up of the JK Wedding Dance last year.  And sure, the fact that they’re a television show makes it pretty easy to create great content.  But that’s kind of the point of this Best Online Video Ad column… to point out how well some brands are doing with reaching great numbers of viewers online with top-notch content.

A show like The Office might release an online video to build awareness of the show’s impending season premiere, which is exactly what this video was intended to do.  And to create this online video, they had to do… nothing.  Nothing outside of what they’d already done to film the premiere itself, that is–this is the cold open of the episode that runs before the title credits.  Just take a piece of existing content, and throw it up online.  Millions of viewers later… you have probably succeeded in gaining more eyeballs for your show’s debut.

This is also the second time this show has spoofed an online video or online video trend.  “Lip dub” videos, where large groups of people perform a coordinated lip-sync, are a very popular style of video.  You can see an example here, or here, or here.  The show has a long history of playing off current events and online phenomena, and that is a proven strategy for online video success as well.

It’s also hilarious, even if you’re not a regular viewer of the program.  Even though we don’t have the budget to hire Steve Carrell or any of the other fantastic actors from The Office, we can still learn a valuable lesson about the power of reusing something we’ve already created.  Videos created specifically for online distribution is powerful, but even repurposed clips can have great reach and help you accomplish your marketing goals.


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