Pro Tip: Find Best Ambient Light for Shooting Video Indoors

Pro Tip: Find Best Ambient Light for Shooting Video Indoors

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When you are shooting video at a venue where you have no control over the conditions – then shooting a really professional looking video can be a challenge. Hotels, convention centers, and other internal locations are notorious for having very poor lighting for video and photo shoots. If you need to shoot video in adverse conditions then it’s best to bring along your own lighting.  However, if that’s not an option – How do you go about finding the best spot using only the ambient, or available light? Watch this tip for finding the best lighting possible to record video footage or take pictures.

How-To Find The Best Available Lighting in Poor Conditions

We spoke to Lee Aldridge, a professional photographer for Jivari Video who gave us a fantastic tip:

camera lightingAs a professional photographer, Lee wants to see the ‘light’ in her subject’s eyes so she will scan a location to find the absolute best spot that lets as much light in as possible. Position your subject towards the light (not in front of it) and you should be able to see the ‘cache light’ ‘catch light’ in their face.

Look into someone’s eyes to see if there is light reflecting off them. If it is, then you’ve found the best lighting conditions that you can!

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