Crowdfunding Pitch Videos That Shine: Indiegogo’s Best for 2012

Crowdfunding Pitch Videos That Shine: Indiegogo’s Best for 2012

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Getting money from a crowd-funding site requires the same type of effort it takes to make great videos.  You need an idea that attracts great interest, and you need to be able to spread the word using the various media outlets at your disposal.  If it connects, people need to feel like they’re getting something in return for their investment: either they feel like they’re helping others or there is some modicum of reward for donating to the cause.  One such crowd-funding site, Indiegogo, just released their top 12 pitch videos of the year.

Best 12 Crowdfunding Video Pitches for Indiegogo Campaigns

Good Spread Peanut Butter

Straight from my hometown of Nashville, Tennessee comes this pitch from peanut butter company Good Spread, which promises to donate a pack of therapeutic food to a child suffering from severe acute malnutrition just from a purchase of one pack of their peanut butter.

The video has humor, a delicious, enticing product, and the feeling you’re doing something for a good cause aside from just helping two guys with their business.

Who Gives A Crap – Toilet Paper That Builds Toilets

I love these ads that are funny and edgy and totally not television.  Although this ad could probably have made it to TV.  This comes from Melbourne, Australia:

Another great “world-saving” product here, with donations and the like, and a product that is better for the environment and those who use it.  This is a funny pitch, and they even added extra value by providing a live feed of the guy on the toilet, refusing to leave until the $50,000 is raised.

Por Las Plumas – All About the Feathers

Movies cost money, even if you’re using non-professional actors in the roles.  This pitch from San Jose, Costa Rica is a one-take pass-the-rooster plea from the actors and crew.  This movie is going to be about a security guard who acquires his first gamecock and learns the meaning of friendship:

Magpies – The Graphic Novel

The charming Sara Lando, from Cassola, Italy, pitches her unique graphic novel in this video:

I love this video.  It’s got a lot of personality, and a behind-the-scenes of the making of the novel is very interesting.

Cossbysweater’s Debut Album

You want to know if the musical group that you’d like to fund has talent?  How about this musical plea for money from these two songbirds from Long Beach, California that is both humorous and entrancing:

Now, if you like this type of music, why wouldn’t you give?

The Detroit Printing Plant

This is a really oddball, goofy video from a guy in Alabama who wants to start a printing plant in Detroit.  It’s hilarious, but it’s got a lot of heart and you know what…this guy really knows printing.  And that’s what counts:

The Battle We Didn’t Choose: My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer

This is a tough one.  Very emotionally-charged.  This campaign from New York, NY got a lot of media coverage and it’s not hard to see why:

I’m With Selton

This is another musical group looking to make an album.  In this video from Milan, Italy, they use little action figures created in their likeness to get the message across:

Bestie – Chinatown’s Finest Currywurst

These guys want to open a German restaurant in the heart of Chinatown in Vancouver, Canada.  Why should you want them to succeed?  Because it looks freaking delicious that’s why:

The Wedding Party – A One-Shot Feature Film

This aspiring filmmaker from LA took the one-shot tack to this funny pitch video for a movie that will also be all in one shot.  Crazy?  Absolutely!

Taking My Parents to Burning Man – A Black Rock-umentary

This guy wants to take his parents to Burning Man.  Due to a glitch, their Kickstarter money wasn’t going to come in, so they went to Indiegogo and launched another successful campaign.  Another good one from Vancouver:

Yossarian – Debut Album

London band Yossarian let one of their songs and a whole bunch of people holding up paper with words on them to get their message out:

What Can We Learn From These Pitch Videos?

The people who made these videos realized that their need for money, whatever the cause, was not good enough to achieve their goals.  They needed good content, something that someone would actually want to watch and care about.  It’s important to feel like when you give, you’re getting something back.  With these pitches, the hopeful projects brought a good story, unique content, and a great amount of heart to the table.


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