The Best Branded Videos Across Vine and Instagram: January 2015

The Best Branded Videos Across Vine and Instagram: January 2015

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January 2016 was a relatively quiet month for brands on Vine and Instagram, after such a push of Christmas and holiday content. I guess they are holding out for the promise of some major tent-pole events that February holds like Super Bowl, and Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s often easier to publish content when it’s trending.

As ever, the challenge is not just following the trends, but making sure that your videos highlight the trends while showcasing your brand. Despite it being a quiet month, we have chosen some of the best branded micro-content that should leave you hungry for more. Join us for a look back at the best branded Vines and Instagram videos for January.

Want to see which brands and creators generated the most views on each of the micro social video platforms in December? Check out Tubular’s ranking leaderboards for Vine and Instagram Videos:

Best Branded Vines January 2016

Twitter: A couple of nice stop-motion clips from Twitter last month, one promotional, and one celebrating 3 years since the Vine platform (which is Twitter-owned) went live. Information coming out of #CES2016, one of the tech industry’s biggest events, can be a little overwhelming for anyone, especially those trying to follow on social media. Twitter Ads encouraged us to watch out for product launch updates via the site with this little promo:

Can you believe that Vine celebrated its third birthday on January 24th? According to Tubular, over 39M videos have been uploaded to the platform in that time, generating 765 billion views. Here’s to the next 3 years!

Dunkin Donuts: OK, so technically this was uploaded on the last day of December 2015, but as one of the most recognisable coffee retailers across the world, we would have been pretty disappointed if DD hadn’t celebrated New Year’s Eve in its own unique way. This Vine was one of 26 pieces of video content uploaded by Dunkin Donuts in December 2015 and January 2016 across the main social platforms, and it generated 53K views, or loops, for the brand.

Coca-Cola: In January, Coca-Cola teamed up with top Vine Stars Lucas and Marcus to create content around their products being sold in fast-food chain Wendys. Interestingly, the collab was uploaded to Coke’s own channel (32K followers), rather than to that of Lucas and Marcus who have 1.5M followers, so potentially missing out of thousands of extra views. Although, in the end this Vine generated 854K loops.

The Home Depot: What’s the first thing that springs to mind when you’re planning to make a day of watching the Super Bowl? Is it making sure you’ve invited friends and family, or that you’ll get the right snacks in? Or is it buying a flexible HDMI cable? Fair play to Home Depot for creating content around the event, however tenuous.

Best Branded Instagram Videos January 2016

Ben and Jerrys: Ben and Jerry’s have created a very successful little series of hints and tips, using Instagram as a teaser to drive viewers off-platform and onto its own site for further information. It also scored highly with followers of its Instagram account with some delicious how-to videos, and the latest invites viewers to make a delicious hot chocolate drink. Yum. This Instavid guides the viewer to the B&J website where they can watch a longer YouTube tutorial video.

Dunkin Donuts: We’ve already covered DD on Vine, but here’s another stop-motion clip uploaded to Instagram, this time for the brand’s new Caramel Macchiato.

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#TreatYoSelf #Macchiato

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Taco Bell: Sometimes the best Instagram videos are the most simple, and this hypnotic offering from Taco Bell is just that.

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Let's be real, now you want a Baja Blast. 💦

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LEGO: It’s almost too easy for LEGO to make this list so long as it stay timely with its videos. in the last few months it has made videos relating to Halloween, Back to the Future, Thanksgiving, and Star Wars. As long as the brand a few master builders ready to go at a moment’s notice, there is no reason it can’t quickly build up a timely masterpiece and get it posted to ride the latest buzz.

M&S: UK retailer M&S sell a huge range of products, but is perhaps best known for its in-store food markets. A cross between Trader Joe’s and Safeway, it carries a range of high-end luxury products, but also a line of healthy foods, and it kicked off 2016 with this promo for low-fat lunch option.

That’s it for our roundup of the best branded Vines and Instagram videos for January 2016. Stay tuned for February’s instalment!


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