6 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos March 2017

6 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos March 2017

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The past 12 months have seen some serious upgrades to the Instagram platform, with the image and video-based site launching a number of new features to its users. Creators can now upload videos of up to 60 seconds, allowing publishers to entertain and engage viewers for that much longer, and Instagram also finally debuted the much talked about algorithmic change which radically changes the way it returns results to its users. The Facebook-owned site is also finding success with its ‘Stories’ feature, which pieces together user moments in a slideshow format, and publishers to the site can now also live-stream, and also save those real-time broadcasts in their feed.

Instagram rolled out the ability to post video content to the site via a mobile device back in 2013, when consumption on smartphones and tablets was considerably less than it is these days. But with video predicted to dominate mobile traffic by a staggering 70% by 2021, Instagram is already bolstering its video encoding process in anticipation. The Facebook-owned site already has an active user base of around 700M per month, adding an extra 100M users between January and April 2017.

In terms of branded content on Instagram, many companies are regularly using the site as part of a multi-platform video strategy, creating highly-snackable, and mobile friendly clips around promotional tie-ins, and tent pole events. We have chosen some of the best-branded Instavids for March that should leave you hungry for more.

Best Branded Instagram Videos: March 2017

Ben and Jerry’s: The ice cream giant generated around 4M video views on Instagram in 2016, and according to Tubular, Instagram is the second most-viewed platform (after YouTube) for Ben & Jerry’s. Interestingly, although it has the most followers on Facebook, it doesn’t tend to attract anywhere like the video views or engagement on that site at the moment. The brand uploaded 9 videos to Instagram in March 2017, with this recipe for a vegan Saturday Smoothie its most watched with over 103K views.

Sainsbury’s: February was all about its ‘food dancing’ campaign for UK retail giant Sainsbury’s, but March saw a return to a more familiar type of Instagram content. This Instavid, which generated over 15K views, and 1K engagement, was a typical ‘hands and pans’ shot of the making of a nommy-looking sticky chocolate pudding. All ingredients available in your local Sainsbury’s, naturally.

Kmart: While Kmart doesn’t upload much to Instagram (so not generating a ton of views), we do like some of the video content the brand is publishing to the site. This clip about creating s’mores on a camping trip is short – but very ‘sweet’.

McDonalds: McDonalds US uploaded more videos to Instagram (5) than it did YouTube (3) in March, generating over 445K views on the platform. Its most watched Instavid was a boomerang (which doesn’t really count) so we selected this clip where viewers were invited to tag their favorite dip. It generated over 114K views, and just under 20K likes and comments. That’s a staggering engagement rate of 17%!

DisneyUS: March was ‘Beauty and the Beast’ month for Disney, with 37 of the 67 videos uploaded to Instagram focused on the live-action remake. The most viewed Instavid was this very short clip of Emma Watson as Belle, twirling around in her beautiful ballgown. It generated a hugely impressive 875K views with just 6 days.

Krispy Kreme: No, Krispy Kreme isn’t changing its brand name in the UK because Brits can’t pronounce it properly, but the brand did generate over 365K views on Instagram last month. It uploaded a mix of content including the celebration of St Patricks Day, and the promotion of the new Power Rangers movie. This mesmerizing video invited US and Canadian customers to pop along to participating stores to try O’riginal Glazed doughnuts for #StPatricksDay, and was its most viewed at 42K.

That’s it for our round-up of the best branded Instagram videos of March 2017. Want to keep on top of the most watched brands and creators publishing video on Instagram and the other big social video platforms? Check out Tubular’s Leaderboards for the latest data.


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