5 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos of 2017

5 of the Best Branded Instagram Videos of 2017

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2017 saw some serious upgrades to the Instagram platform, with the image and video-based site launching a number of innovative new features to its users. Creators can now upload longer videos, allowing publishers to entertain and engage viewers for an increased length of time, and Instagram also finally debuted the much talked about algorithmic change which radically changes the way it returns results to its users. The Facebook-owned site also found success with its ‘Stories’ feature, which pieces together user moments in a slideshow format, and publishers to the site can now also live-stream, and also save those real-time broadcasts in their feed. In December, Instagram also enabled users to follow hashtag topics, alongside individual brands and publishers.

Instagram rolled out the ability to post video content to the site via a mobile device back in 2013, when consumption on smartphones and tablets was considerably less than it is these days. But with video predicted to dominate Internet traffic by a staggering 80% by 2021, Instagram is vigorously bolstering its video encoding process in anticipation. The Facebook-owned site already has an active user base of around 800M per month, adding an extra 200M in 2017.

In terms of branded or sponsored content on Instagram, many companies are regularly using the site as part of a multi-platform video strategy, creating highly-snackable, and mobile friendly clips around promotional tie-ins, and tent pole events. We have chosen some of the best branded Instagram videos of 2017 that should leave you hungry for more.

One of most popular sponsored Instagram videos was the 15M view smash from hismileteeth in conjunction with Connor McGregor. McGregor has 21.9M followers on Instagram (as opposed to 677K for HiSmile) so it made perfect sense to not only leverage his fanbase, but to upload that content directly to his Instagram channel. HiSmile worked with MacGregor on sponsored video content on the other main social video platforms. They did work with a number of other influencers (such as Kylie Jenner) but only on static image posts.

The Best Branded Instagram Videos of 2017

The Ellen Show: The Ellen Show worked with 8 different sponsors in 2017 including Paw Patrol, KitKat, Cheerios, and Build a Bear, and Walmart. With 3.7M views, ‘@Brielle is on patrol. PAW Patrol!‘ was Ellen’s most watched sponsored Instavid in 2017, but it was this partnership with Cheerios which generated the most engagement. Uploaded on September 21st in honor of World Peace Day, this cheery clip attracted nearly 90K engagements, such as comments and likes. Ellen’s Instagram channel successfully mixes a variety of sponsored and non-sponsored content and has proved a major advertising draw for brands who want to reach a wider audience by working with the entertainer.

Ben and Jerry’s: The ice cream giant uploaded 89 videos to Instagram in 2017, and Tubular confirms that Instagram is the second most-viewed platform (after YouTube) for Ben & Jerry’s. Interestingly, although it has the most followers on Facebook, it doesn’t tend to attract anywhere like the video views or engagement on that site at the moment. This clip for ‘Our Kind of Afternoon Coffee Break‘ was its most watched with over 400K views. However, we really liked this upload from July which gave the viewer a super easy walk-through recipe for ice cube tray truffles. Nom.

LEGO: LEGO uploaded over 6500 videos to the main social video platforms in 2017, which included an impressive 422 videos posted to Instagram. As a brand, LEGO worked with Refinery29 and Elle on producing sponsored Instagram content, and collaborated with DC Comics, UNICEF, Disney, and Star Wars among others on videos uploaded to Instagram last year.

LEGO partnered with Stars Wars on this clip that for the promotion of ‘The Last Jedi’. It generated a very respectable 350K views, adding to the theatrical marketing buzz around the latest franchise release.

Samsung Mobile USA: Samsung Mobile USA partnered with 41 different video publishers in the past 12 month to reach a significant audience outside of their owned and operated social properties. Publishers and entertainment channels like Marvel, Tastemade, NFL, and the Bleacher Report have all worked with the tech giant to create Instagram video content around the Galaxy Note 8 and other products.

These partnerships have generated tens of millions of views for Samsung Mobile, with Instagram becoming a significant distribution site for advertising content. The most viewed sponsored Instagram video for Samsung was uploaded to the SweetAms channel (which has 1.1M followers), and has generated over 5.5M views to date.

BuzzFeed Tasty: Tasty is BuzzFeed’s most viewed Facebook publisher, and the property is also doing incredibly well on Instagram. It’s also using the ‘Stories’ feature on a very regular basis. The publishing giant uploaded 337 videos to Instagram in 2017, an average of 6 Instavid posts a week.

Tasty worked closely with Chobani on a campaign around its Greek Yoghurt range, uploading 4 Instavids to the platform in June and July. It’s most viewed sponsored video with Chobani was this walk-through for creating smoothies 4 ways, which has generated 2.5M views to date.

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All you need is some Chobani Vanilla Greek Yogurt, and a delicious imagination! Smoothies 4-ways! Overnight Banana-Berry Oatmeal INGREDIENTS ½ cup rolled oats ½ cup blueberries 1 banana 1 container Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt ½ tablespoon honey PREPARATION 1. In a blender, combine Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt, banana, blueberries, honey, and vanilla extract. Blend until creamy. 2. In a 16-ounce canning jar, place oats, top with smoothie, and stir. 3. Refrigerate 8 hours (overnight). 4. Serve with additional blueberries and banana slices. 5. Enjoy! Banana-Berry Chia Smoothie INGREDIENTS 1 frozen banana ½ cup frozen strawberries 1 container Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt ½ tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon black chia seeds PREPARATION 1. In a blender, combine banana, strawberry, Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt, and honey. Add chia and pulse quickly to combine. 2. Enjoy! Banana-Berry Bowl INGREDIENTS 1 frozen banana ½ cup frozen blackberries 1 container Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt 1 tablespoon honey 2 tablespoon pepita (pumpkin seeds), divided 2 tablespoons grated coconut, divided Additional fresh banana and berries for garnish PREPARATION 1. In a blender combine Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt, bananas, blackberries, honey, 1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds, and 1 tablespoon of coconut. 2. Pour into a bowl and top with additional pumpkin seeds, coconut, blackberries, and banana. 3. Enjoy! Banana-Berry Pops INGREDIENTS 1 banana ½ cup fresh strawberries 1 container Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt 1 tablespoon honey 8 tablespoons granola PREPARATION 1. In a blender, combine banana, strawberry, Chobani® Vanilla Greek Yogurt, and honey. 2. Pour into pop molds (leaving gap) and top with 2 tablespoons in each pop. 3. Freeze at least 8 hours. 4. Enjoy!

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That’s it for our round-up of the best branded Instagram videos of 2017. Want to keep on top of the most watched brands and creators publishing video on Instagram? Check out Tubular’s ranking leaderboards for the latest data.


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