Why BeautyCon (and Other Cons) are Influencer Marketing Goldmines for Brands

Why BeautyCon (and Other Cons) are Influencer Marketing Goldmines for Brands

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Scores of brands in the beauty industry could have used some schmooze optimization with the top video influencers at BeautyCon LA on Saturday. If you aren’t familiar with BeautyCon, it describes itself as “the world’s premiere fashion, beauty, wellbeing, and lifestyle destination for fans, brands, and content creators.”

If you aren’t familiar with the concept of ‘schmooze optimization‘, it’s the process of making casual conversation with video influencers with video influencers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Vine who can help you to boost brand awareness, increase website traffic, generate more revenue, and improve your return on marketing investment. Using Tubular cross-platform intelligence, we took a look at some of the top beauty influencers at BeautyCon and the positive impact their popularity and authenticity can bring to a branded video marketing campaign.

BeautyCon: Bringing Brands & Influencers Together

BeautyCon LA was held in Los Angeles on July 11, 2015, and the event attracted thousands of “beauties” (i.e. attendees who aren’t internet famous), who were able to network, mingle, and hang out with more than 150 content creators and celebrities (i.e. video influencers), including: Bethany Mota, Bunny Meyer, Meredith Foster, Dulce Candy, and many others.

There were also over 80 “brand partners” (i.e. MCNs and brands) in attendance including Maker 3 (RPM Networks), AwesomenessTV, StyleHaul, Nasty Gal, Forever 21, Maybelline New York, NYX Cosmetics, Soap & Glory, Nike, Barbie, QVC, Birchbox, Tarte Cosmetics, Pixels, and Mudd.

Now, imagine if you were in charge of business development at one of these MCNs or you headed up marketing at one of those beauty brands. You would have had to spend the whole day watching performances, participating in interactive presentations, and discussing the future of online media for the opportunity to connect with a small handful of these video influencers. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. All you have to do is watch the BeautyCon trailer to see what you’d be up against:

Beauty Influencer Marketing: How Big is Benefit for Brands?

Of course, there’s a benefit to nurturing key relationships with video influencers even if you have to resort to unoptimized schmoozing. How big is this benefit?

Well, check out the video on Instagram by benefitcosmetics entitled, “Absolutely everything about @patrickstarrr‘. Uploaded on July 10, 2015, this Instavid already has 68,000 views. And according to Tubular, it also has 22,000 likes and 416 comments. With a total of more than 22,000 engagements, that gives this Instavid 33.0 engagements per 100 views.

Or, watch this Vine by A Fashion Nerd entitled, “At the @neutrogena event #beautycon”. Uploaded July 10, 2015, this Vine already has 11,000 views (loops). And according to Tubular Intelligence, with a total of 133 engagements, that also gives this Vine 12.0 engagements per 100 views.


Or, check out “Teala Dunn Hangs with BeautyCon BFF at American Apparel!” Uploaded on June 15, 2015, this YouTube video already has 10,000 views, and 707 engagements; 6.5 engagements per 100 views.

So, how would schmooze optimization have produced even better results? Well, imagine that you started by using Tubular Creator Profiles, which enables you to discover and contact over 2 million video creators across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine. Now, all you really need to do is dig through the 434,000 creators in the general beauty category. They have 6.4 billion views from videos uploaded in the last 365 days.

Bethany Mota

You’d quickly see that Bethany Mota is one of the video influencers who can impact your business. Mota has a social reach of 19.1 million, which includes 9 million YouTube subscribers, 1.6 million Facebook followers, 2.5 million Twitter followers, 5.1 million Instagram followers, and 670,000 Vine followers.

In May 2015, her videos generated 15.1 million views, including 13.9 million on YouTube, 25,000 on Facebook, 835,000 on Instagram, and 358,000 on Vine. As a YouTube creator, she ranks in the top five for ‘Home’ content, and is in the top fifty for ‘General Beauty’.

You’d also quickly see that Bunny Meyer is another one of the video influencers who can impact your buyer’s decision making process. Meyer has a social reach of 8 million, which includes 5.3 million YouTube subscribers, 642,000 Facebook followers, 397,000 Twitter followers, and 1.6 million Instagram followers.

In May 2015, her videos attracted 35.8 million views across YouTube and Instagram. As a YouTube creator, she ranks in the top ten for a number of categories including ‘Beauty – Hauls, , ‘General Beauty’, and ‘Beauty – Nail Art & Manicures’.

And after a little digging you’d also find that Meredith Foster is another video influencer who merits your time and attention. Foster has a social reach of 6.5 million, which includes 3.5 million YouTube subscribers, 472,000 Facebook followers, 836,000 Twitter followers, 1.5 million Instagram followers, and 184,000 Vine followers.

In May 2015, her videos generated an impressive 6.4 million views across YouTube, Instagram, and Vine. Her most popular video is a how-to on recreating the Taylor Swift look, which has, to date, generated nearly 6.9 million views:

Plan Ahead to Meet Influencers

And if you really wanted to stand out from all the fans who were there to take selfies with their BFFs, then you could have told each of these top video influencers when you contacted them in advance that you were bringing a video crew along with you. If you want to develop focused, value-add relationships with video influencers, then interview them and upload different versions of your videos across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine. It’s a short step from here to planning initiatives that will let you work together. That’s what I mean by schmooze optimization.

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