Leverage the Power of Video and Sell B2B with Vidyard and Salesforce

Leverage the Power of Video and Sell B2B with Vidyard and Salesforce

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Vidyard recently announced their new app for Salesforce.com which enables brands to leverage the selling power of video and content marketing for B2B. This could revolutionize the way video is used not only on Salesforce, via their Chatter app, but across the board. First, some background on Vidyard. The company specializes in detailed viewer analytics and engagement data for marketing videos. They offer branded players with real-time attention span data. There’s social interaction, YouTube channel management, calls to action, A/B splash screen testing and it ties into your marketing records. The power is in the analytics package.

Salesforce.com, on the other hand, is based around a massive CRM, customer relationship management, platform of applications. It gives businesses tools to connect with the whole gamut of partners and customers.

The Vidyard app for Salesforce integrates video into the Salesforce CRM. This allows videos to be uploaded, shared and tracked via the Salesforce Chatter. Chatter is Salesforce’s enterprise social network which allows for collaboration outside of discrete business units and breaks down barriers to internal communication thanks to near-instant updates across all devices and desktops.

Straight from the press release:

For the first time, video views and engagement data will be pushed directly into Salesforce, giving insight into which videos are being watched, by whom, and for how long. When reaching out to a prospect, a sales rep now has incredible context as to what someone is interested in and what to discuss during an initial meeting. In addition, Vidyard has added a secure video layer to Chatter opening the doors to the most engaging form of content. With the Vidyard application, video can now be used in Chatter for sales, marketing, internal communications and training.

That’s huge!

In Salesforce you can see the following metrics:

  • Which Video
  • Date Viewed
  • Number of Views
  • Amount watched (in seconds)
  • Engagement (percentage viewed)

These metrics allow you to generate a report that exposes opportunities generated and business closed against specific videos viewed. The data is ultimately available in Salesforce as a related list.

From within Vidyard’s deep analytics, we provide access to a number of other metrics such as:

  • Geographic location
  • individual data (who – by e-mail)
  • attention span/engagement
  • device specifics (mobile/desktop, which OS, which browser).

How Huge is it?

HUGE! Think about it. For years we’ve been leveraging the power of online video to blindly sell products to the masses. While you could, and still can, make a YouTube channel or cater videos on your website to the B2B market, there was not as much tracking involved, depending on what you’re using for a video platform.

analytics vidyardPresumably, now, with Vidyard for Salesforce, you can see exactly who (which B2B contact) is watching what, for how long and from where as well as all the consumer-facing metrics. So now your sales team could be equipped with insight into what a customer, or potential has been looking at when they make that all important sales call. Interested in our extra strength, multi-purpose thingamabob? Well, we happen to have a special going on that particular thingamabob. You want me to shoot you over a sample thingamabob? Oh, you know all about it already because you watched the video on it (feigning surprise), well then, how many can we send out to you? Boom, sales conversion.

Of course, this all comes at a price, Vidyard needs to make their revenue too you know. It’s not all that much really, for the app, you can get the app from the Salesforce Appexchange, and it’s $2 per user per month. Fairly cheap, however, you also need a Vidyard account and that’s probably where the majority of the cost comes in. I asked Vidyard and they offered me this: Chatter User = $2/user/month. CRM User = $10/user/month – our pricing starts @ $25/video/month. They’ve got a nifty, no-credit-card-required, 14-day, fully-functional free trial (that’s a lot of adjectives) which we always like to see (Bravo!).

  • Vidyard account
  • Salesforce integration option for Vidyard
  • Salesforce Group, Professional or Enterprise/Platform/Unlimited
  • Administrator access to Salesforce

That’s a Wrap

The Vidyard app for Salesforce looks like it could really help boost B2B video content marketing and seems to offer a good amount of information that should help increase conversions, and sales. That could ultimately lead to be a better overall profit margin, but will it have a high ROI? That remains to be seen. If you’re already using Salesforce, and you’re interested in using video, then it might be worth a test to see how it goes.


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