Tips and Opportunities for B2B Marketers with YouTube: Insights from Cisco & ReelSEO

Tips and Opportunities for B2B Marketers with YouTube: Insights from Cisco & ReelSEO

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Most of us who work in the digital space know that YouTube isn’t just cat videos and horrible pop songs that make it big.  It’s also a business tool, and there’s nothing quite like video to show to a potential client what kind of work you do and what you represent.  B2B, or “business-to-business” video is a special class of video where you are trying to sell your services to another business, not to the everyday consumer.  These videos are just as important as selling your brand, and we recently talked about this at SES in San Francisco with Leslie Drate, Manager of Social Media at Cisco, and our own Mark Robertson, with the astounded and amazed Greg Jarboe asking the questions.  

Cisco: Opportunities for Video Throughout the B2B Sales Process

Here’s Greg Jarboe talking to Leslie Drate about Cisco’s B2B video strategy:

Drate says:

There are different kinds of videos, and depending on where your customer is in the sales process, you want to serve up a different kind of video.  So when you’re building your video you really need to think about where am I going to place that video and where is my customer in the “customer journey” at that stage of the sales process?

For example, as a business you’ll have a video that introduces viewers to their brand or service, a broad overview that makes the viewer aware of the business.  At some point, the customer/client decides they want to know more, so their path leads into solution overviews where there is more of a breakdown of the variety of services that the business can handle.  Then it goes to product overviews where there are specific products and what they do.  All of these stages of the consumer’s “journey” needs a specific video.

Drate says Cisco makes over a thousand videos a year.  So they’re definitely making their business known in all phases of the journey.

The B2B YouTube Marketing Opportunity & Tips

Here’s Greg speaking to our own Mark Robertson:

Here’s an interesting statistic thrown out there by our site’s founder: 43% of IT professionals use YouTube specifically to search for technology products and information.

Also, since we’re an SEO site, there are some great things that businesses can do to control how the watch page looks and how the related videos on that page can stay more on point.  Creating playlists, optimize tags so that the related videos stay more “you,” and using annotations creatively in a way that keeps people clicking on your videos.

Mark also talks about whether or not to disable comments.  The idea is to interact with your customers and engage with them.  You miss out on a lot of discussion and being able to answer important questions by disabling comments.  You really should get the most out of your videos by being active in the video’s life.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? What tips do you have for B2B Marketers looking to get into online video marketing? 


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