Research Finds B2B Marketers Increasing Investments in Online Video for Content Marketing

Research Finds B2B Marketers Increasing Investments in Online Video for Content Marketing

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It’s been kind of a B2B week for me and what I’ve got covered. Earlier in the week LinkedIn announced that they’ve now got video ads. Today I’ve got some research from Brightcove, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs that generally talked about content marketing for B2B but had some interesting things in regards to video in that context.

Now there’s no methodology offered in the report I received and all three companies involved seem to be selling some service that is directly related to the topic. So I can’t ascertain the validity of the numbers, I can only offer them to you with the caveat that they are unverified because of no methodology section in the report. All I have is that it was a ‘national survey of more than 1,400 marketing professionals.’ That’s a pretty big cross section when the whole of the industry might only be in the tens or hundreds of thousands of people.

Video as a B2B Marketing Tool

Video, as a B2B marketing tool, ranked 6th in their usage graph behind case studies, blogs, newsletters, website articles and social media which led the way wit 87% using it. At 70%, video topped white papers, webinars/webcasts (another form of online video), research papers and a whole lot of other strategies.

In fact, video rose from 52% last year to 70% this year making it the second largest jump year-to-year topped only by research reports.

Video is still thought of as effective by the majority of B2B marketers with 58% vs 42% who don’t believe it is. That places it fifth in that list with in-person events topping the list and case studies a close second. Webinars/Webcasts showed a 61% confidence level as well.

Distribution of B2B marketing Content

Not surprisingly, LinkedIn topped the list of ways to distribute all this B2B marketing content. Twitter followed second then Facebook, YouTube, Google+ all topped the darling of the year, Pintrest. Vimeo made the top list with 12% using it placing it 8th overall. Well done Vimeo! LinkedIn is the big story as they jumped to 83% usage and knocked Twitter off the top of the list.

That’s a Wrap

In terms of video that’s about all that was covered in the report. However, for those doing B2B marketing, especially in the B2B marketing content creation industry, there are some pretty interesting insights in the full report that you might want to look at. Like the fact that 44% of those surveyed outsource their content creation and 42% said they do both in-house and outsourced content creation. Meanwhile, 64% say the major problem is producing enough content, where 52% say it’s making content that engages. All of that smacks of opportunity to me.


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