AwesomenessTV Acquire YouTube MCN Big Frame for $15 Million in Cash

AwesomenessTV Acquire YouTube MCN Big Frame for $15 Million in Cash

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Another day, another huge deal in the YouTube space. This time it’s the turn of MCN Big Frame, who have been snapped up for $15 million by AwesomenessTV. It’s a move that could see a combined reach of around 1 billion YouTube views per month. AwesomenessTV and Big Frame, both powerful players on YouTube with a strong grip on some of the most popular verticals such as food, fashion, music and other, hope the buyout will lead to further gains for both parties.

AwesomenessTV was itself acquired by  DreamWorks Animation last year. Chief Operating Officer of the company, Brett Bouttier, said of the Big Frame acquisition:

With AwesomenessTV committed to aggressive growth, the acquisition of Big Frame enables us to bring on expertise in talent development as well as a great group of YouTube stars.

Sarah Penna, CCO of Big Frame confirmed that:

We’re so grateful to have worked with online video’s greatest creators for many years and we’re excited about all the new opportunities this merger will bring them.

Big Frame was created in 2011 by Sarah Penna and Steve Raymond in 2011, and their stable of creator talent includes MysteryGuitarMan, DeStorm, and Tyler Oakley. Its network includes around 300 partner channels and 39 million subscribers. It was part of YouTube’s Original Channels initiative in  2011, and launched its first funded channel, Bammo, in April 2012 while a second, Polished, followed in 2013.

Last week, broadcasting giant Disney confirmed it was buying Maker Studios in a deal worth around $950 in the long term.

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