Auto Makers Latest to See Value in Personalized Video Ads

Auto Makers Latest to See Value in Personalized Video Ads

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Over the past few months I’ve talked about personalized video ads from products like Mixpo’s SmartVideo and now Eyeview, who’s been pulling down some serious investor cash to develop its personalized video advertising technology which has not caught on among auto industry leaders like Mazda, Chrsyler and Land Rover.

With Eyeview, auto makers are able to create more personalized video advertising campaigns. But what kind of personalized ads can they make?

Much like Mixpo’s SmartVideo (and another product I cannot for the life of me remember but I know I wrote about), EyeView lets you create dynamically changing ads and creative content based on real-time data including browser, device, location, etc. I suppose location is about the most important one in this case as you would, if you were interested in auto ads, be looking for a local dealer or more information nearby.

“Auto has proven to be one of our fastest growing verticals because our product suite is ideally suited to meet the marketing objectives of automotive advertisers,” says Tal Riesenfeld, VP of Sales at Eyeview.

While no numbers are readily available from Eyeview, they do cite the following:

Eyeview’s automotive clients have experienced how personalizing video ads delivers uplifts in key brand metrics including brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent, as well as serving as a strong direct response mechanism.

OK, they had a couple numbers readily available like a 49% brand awareness uplift in the UK for Alfa Romeo and a 21% increase in click through rate. The number of ads, etc for those determinations was unable.

Here’s an example of a personalized local auto ad for Mazda.  If you look at the bottom of each example shown in the video, you’ll notice that it prompts the viewer to schedule a test drive at a dealer that’s in their area.

They have some other great examples of ads for Land Rover here –

From the description of the service it sounds very much like the others have described themselves. That’s not a bad thing as nothing exists in a vacuum and competition is good for pushing forward the technologies. Now it’s sort of like an arms race in terms of personalized video advertising, who will have the newer, longer-range, high-yield intercontinental ballistic personalize video ad?


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