Attributor and TubeMogul To Build Viral Video Metrics

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Not totally unlike the CDC and WHO, we need to know how well viral videos do out in the wild. Enter Attributor and TubeMogul.

While neither is tasked with the health of the Internet using population, they have combined forces to begin tracking viral video growth, life and death… you know, the Viral LifeCycle (I just made that up really).

As with all things where the word money is used, more information is always better and for the most part many have been working in a vacuum of data in regards to viral videos. Well no more!

Attributor and TubeMogul will create a new service for measuring and analyzing the online audience of viral videos.

Attributor’s platform will continuously monitor the Web for TubeMogul’s 80,000 users, leveraging its 35 billion-page index, and use advanced audio and visual fingerprinting algorithms to discover instances of viral videos posted on video-sharing sites.

Whoa, that was a lot of numbers really quick.  Really what it’s going to do is see who is watching what, when and for how long and how often. Now this is a slightly different twist on Attributor’s tech which is usually used to find out which videos are being watched and stuff them with ads, or of course to find illegally uploaded copyrighted material (I bet it’s mostly Hulu owned). But now, when videos goes viral and start getting shared legally, everyone wants to know. After all, wouldn’t you? No matter if someone drops a link on Twitter or pulls the whole thing and posts it somewhere else, for the most part, they should find it.

So now if you want a video to go viral and you want to track it, you’ve got the place to do it.


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