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This Is How Social Video Is Performing in the UK and Europe

Valentine's Day videos for 2019

This Year’s Valentine’s Day Videos Celebrate Being Single

Glitter videos on YouTube from 2018

Views on YouTube Glitter Videos Increased 17% in 2018

Veganuary videos on Facebook and YouTube

Veganuary Wins Big on Facebook with 12.1M Views

#BratzChallenge Beauty Tutorials

YouTube Audiences Are Obsessed with the Viral #BratzChallenge

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These Were the Most-Watched Video Game Trailers of 2018

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2019 Super Bowl Commercials: Who Won on YouTube?

65% of January’s Facebook Super Bowl Views Hailed from Media Publishers

37% of Last Month’s YouTube Super Bowl Videos Featured Food

How the New England Patriots Are Delighting Fans with Social Video

Which 2019 Super Bowl Ads Are Winning on YouTube? Here’s the Full List!

Tubular Labs, VICE, BuzzFeed, and Group Nine Media Launch Global Video Measurement Alliance

“Baby Shark Challenge” Videos Gain a Whopping 396M Views on YouTube

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