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ScanScout’s new monthly report returns with some expanded coverage this time round including top categories, peak viewing hours and a whole lot more.

NOTE: This article got eaten when I lost power at home. I’ve tried to recreate it in all its glory but it might be lacking somewhat.

The peak viewing hours for online video are almost the same as prime-time television with the 8-11pm slot showing most videos per hour. What were people watching? Mostly Technology & Gaming, Sports and Entertainment/Movies. So it certainly could be that a lot of people are watching shows online instead of TV. Also, since gaming’s peak is also around that time it’s no surprise that Tech & Gaming showed up in the top slots.

In fact, Tech & Gaming accounted for 28.9% of the videos in April and were 10% points over Sports but still fell into second behind Ent/Movies (animation, movies, music and TV) who had 31.3% . The next biggest categories only had about 4% each, News 4.3% and Business/Finance/Realty 4.0%.

In regards to the peak time there was a massive jump in viewership from 8-11pm. Oddly, that’s also the same time that video games see their peak usage. Tangentially, Technology & Gaming videos were also 28.9% of streams for the month. It seems like less and less people are watching traditional broadcast television during those hours and watching more video online or playing video games. Maybe it’s because they keep canceling good shows like FlashForward…

In fact, Tech and games were a full 9% over sports videos for the month but still fell short of first place which was taken by the combined Entertainment & Movies category which was 31.3%. That category actually is the combination of Animation, Movies, Music and TV (which is a logical grouping of course).

Outside of the top three only two other categories scored any kind of significant viewership, News with 4.3% and Business/Finance/Realty with 4%. Everything else was 2% or lower.

Actually, per hour, Technology and Gaming led the way throughout the day, every single hour. Of course technology and computing are a huge category and it’s no surprise that they are some of the most watched videos online.

However, the top video for the month was an entertainment video, the Iron Man 2 Trailer, followed by a tech video (iPad Apps – keynote) and then the Shrek Forever After preview.

The report also stated that eight states accounted for 50% of all video streams. The report then went on to list ten states (we’re not sure what to make of that at present). Obviously California was leading the way with 13% (where do you want to target video ads?), others included MA, NY, TX, PA, FL, IL, VA, NJ and GA.

April 24th was the busiest day for online video with over 43 million streams that day alone, Tuesdays are best for business videos and Massachusetts is the most popular place for sports videos which pushed it to #2 for the month. Something big going on with the Red Sox? It couldn’t be the Celtics or the Bruins right?

Other things that might help you better target your ads:

  • Weekends were busiest for Automotive, Technology & Gaming, Entertainment (animation, movies), Health, Shopping/Style and Sports
  • Sundays were particularly good for Lifestyle/Culture.
  • Mondays were best for Family
  • Tuesdays were best for Travel, Business/Fin/Realty, News, Law/Politics/Government,
  • Wednesdays were best for Pets, Education/Careers (humpday blues?)
  • Thursdays weren’t overwhelmingly good for any section though Music and Television did well. Tech/Gaming, Home, Health and Sports all did particularly poorly.
  • Fridays – Community, Entertainment – Music & Television, Food & Drink (also Tuesdays), Home

That list above is probably the most useful information in the report for online video advertisers and marketers along with when videos are watched the most. Generally speaking, each category in the per hour breakdown looked much like the graph above with minor variations.


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