Apple Watch: Non-branded Video Views Outperform Apple by 10:1

Apple Watch: Non-branded Video Views Outperform Apple by 10:1

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Of the 22 million views of “Apple Watch” content uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and other video platforms in the last 7 days, only 2 million can be attributed to the official Apple brand itself. The remaining 20 million views were generated by other big-name brands like Buzzfeed, MTV, and Bloomberg, and comedy channels SMOSH, and CollegeHumor.

However, the launch of the much-awaited wearable from Apple increased views to its official YouTube channel by 1480% last week, and the brand also saw a 332% increase in subscriber growth for the week beginning March 2nd.

Apple Watch: Parodies and Reviews Top Viewed Video Content

Apple’s live-streamed announcement of its new iPhone-compatible smartwatch created an enormous buzz across the internet, and drove viewers to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, AOL, and 14 other video destinations in search of news, reviews and commentary on the product.

But of the Top Ten ‘Apple Watch’ videos with the most views, Apple itself only secured two spots (#4 and #9) with its YouTube uploads. The brand doesn’t appear at all in the list of most-watched videos about the new smartwatch uploaded to Facebook in the last 7 days. In fact, it didn’t even make an impression on the social network in terms of video, although plenty of other creators and news channels got a lot of mileage out of the launch and surrounding hype. CollegeHumor scored two places with the same video on two different platforms:

apple watch video views march 2015
Most viewed video content about ‘Apple Watch’ uploaded in last 7 days. (Data via Tubular Labs)

Apple on YouTube: Only Ranks 4th for iPhone, 8th for iPad

youtube rankings appleIt’s arguable that a brand as big as Apple doesn’t need to work at video marketing but just uploading content to YouTube really isn’t enough to dominate the platform, no matter how big a name you are in your industry. For instance, when it comes to share of voice for the Apple brand, Apple fall way behind fan videos and user-generated content.

We’ll be doing a much deeper-dive into that in a future post but we can tell you that right now, in rankings based on video views for videos uploaded to YouTube in the last 365 days, Apple are only placed third for ‘Apple’ (behind UnboxTherapy, and TechRax), fourth for ‘iPhone’, and eighth for ‘iPad’.

Launch of Apple’s Watch increased views to its YouTube channel by 1480% (Click to Tweet)

However, the Apple YouTube channel did get a huge boost from the official launch of the Watch on March 6th. The channel saw a 1480% increase in views of the week beginning March 2nd 2015, from 405,000 the previous week to 6,400,000. The channel also recorded a 332% increase in subscriber growth the same week – 21K new subscribers compared to the previous week’s total of 4,865.

apple youtube channel growth
Increases in views to, and subscriber growth of, Apple’s YouTube Channel, week beginning 2nd March 2015 (Data via TubularLabs)

In terms of viewer engagement, males aged between 18-2 years old are more likely to like or comment on an Apple video upload. That age group accounts for 43% of male viewers, with 35-44 year olds in second place at 24%. 18-24 is also the most engaged age group for women at 5.2%, with 13-17 year old girls taking second place at 3%. Male viewers are the most interactive gender with 90% engagement, compared to 10% for females.

Pre-orders for the Apple Watch begin on April 10th, and the uber-high tech wristwatch goes on general sale on April 24th in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. Prices range from $350 for the basic model up to $17,000 for the luxury 18-karat gold edition. Watch the promo below for further info:

All data provided by TubularLabs, and YouTube.


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