Apple TV To Be Renamed To ITV and Lose 1080p Playback

Apple TV To Be Renamed To ITV and Lose 1080p Playback

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Engadget is reporting that the upcoming version of the Apple TV will not have 1080p playback included, but will have apps making it just a really large version of the iPad it seems. Apparently, Apple doesn’t think that you want really high-definition, but do want to connect to Facebook through your TV.Alright, reading an eBook on an iPad is Ucool (that’s Uber-cool) but I don’t know that I would do it on my television. However, the chipheads (like gearheads, but you know, with computers) over at Apple believe you do an you just don’t know. So they’re building in app capabilities in the next iteration of the Apple TV. Now remember, Apple TV isn’t exactly a TV, it’s just a set-top box, let’s call it an iBox, like a big iPhone but without a display, so you need a TV. Engadget says that a $99 version is in the works and will be

similarly sized and packed with internals akin to that of the iPhone 4 (A4 CPU, 16GB of flash storage), and will introduce new iTunes streaming services the box could take advantage of.

They also just got more recent information that shows it will not be able to handle 1080i or 1080p but will only do 720p. It’s being blamed on the A4 CPU and its inability to push that high quality video without instability. I would blame that on why my iPhone crashes periodically, but I think it’s just old and I never watch HD video on it anyway.

In regards to the apps, Engadget is reporting that they don’t know if the applications will be cross-compatible for the iBox or if it will have its own stand-alone versions. Wouldn’t it suck if you had to buy a version for your mobile and then pay again to have the same app at home? I mean, if you wanted to read that eBook on your TV or whatever.

Sorry, it seems Apple doesn’t like my iBox suggestion. Instead, they’re renaming it to iTV which, for those keeping score, was the original name of the project.

Now, why anyone would purchase a set-top box that can’t push out full HD quality video is, well frankly, beyond my understanding. I mean honestly, wouldn’t you just go for an Internet-connected TV that could do the same? I mean, you could surely get a TV that can do all sorts of wonderful things, and probably even read that eBook I’m writing and hoping you’ll all gobble up someday soon. Or you might just use a media extender to get that iTunes content from your PC to your TV like my good old Dad does.


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