Good Campaign Planning Drove Apple’s Social Video Success

Good Campaign Planning Drove Apple’s Social Video Success

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Many people believe that the iPhone is what made Apple a social media mogul. But that turns out not to be the case according to Visible Measures, whose new Share of Choice Report shows how the iPad changed the social video playing field for mobile technology.

It wasn’t until Q1 of this year that Apple starting really getting social video views the report shows. Prior to that it was mostly Verizon with their “Droid Does” campaign starting back in Q4 of 2009.

Droid Does

Then this year Motorola pulled in Megan Fox and those two were neck in neck.

Motorola Megan Fox Super Bowl Ad (the ad is very much like her actual personality)

That was to be a short-lived situation as, around the end of February, Apple began their “Meet iPad” campaign which rapidly gained them views.

Meet iPad

Then, not being complacent with being third, they started the “What is iPad” campaign which pushed them up to 5M views and first place. From there it was mostly academic as neither Verizon nor Motorola had anything up their sleeves (a fatal flaw we’ll see).

What is iPad (“It’s crazy powerful”…which made me laugh)

Apple continued to build on its lead with the “iPhone 4 Face Time” campaign (and product launch in late June coupled with 3M iPads in the wild) which then boosted them over the 10M mark and led to “Face Time see it” which carried them through the summer. In late August there was the beginning of a massive spike in mobile viewing of Apple social videos until in late September they began the “A new way to Nano” campaign.

iPhone 4 Facetime (isn’t technology wonderful?)

But what really helped build all this hype around the Apple social video? How did they not only pass the previous leaders, but get so many views that it’s unlikely anyone in the mobile tech market will catch them anytime soon?

A New Way to Nano Commercial

Well, they do have more types of devices than anyone else. Any way you look at it they have a diverse line of mobile products from just MP3 playing iPods to video capable versions. They’ve also got strong media-capable mobile phones in the iPhone series and, their newest mobile product, the iPad, is almost tailor-made to be a social video powerhouse with the larger screen and built in connectivity. It’s almost like they looked at their product line and said “we can squeeze something in between these… and it’ll be huge.”

So What Changed?

Apple has often capitalized on user-generated buzz, but this time round they decided to drive the whole thing themselves. Previous to the iPad they really hadn’t thought of an extremely strong and lengthy social video campaign. But with a device that is so conducive to mobile video viewing, how could they not take charge?

By taking control and offering an almost perfect product in regards to lightweight, portable video viewing, they were destined to win. Plus, their competitors seemed to be floundering and at a loss on what to do. But the industry has begun to adapt and in Q3 Apple lost some ground as Nokia got on its horse and started a campaign of its own, Amazon Busted out with the “It’s a Kindle” campaign and other brands saw a rise in views. Still, Apple has over 50% of share.

The Take Away

I think you guys have tired of my extremely long and in-depth articles, so I’m going to make this one short and sweet. According to the Visible Measures report, there are a couple things to take away that are important and illustrate how Apple found such success so quickly in an area where they were previously non-existent.

  1. Social Video is still new, there’s lots of room for expansion and with a “dedicated approach, plan, and budget, many brands will be able to improve their Share of Choice.”
  2. New campaigns drive consistency and continued interest, Visible Measures summed it up as “The conclusion here is that ‘one and done’ is not a strategy to sustain consumer choice over time in social video.”
  3. Answer these questions and you’re on your way to success:
    1. Where does your brand stand in your category now and how has it performed over the past year?
    2. How are your competitors performing – do consumers choose them more often than you?
    3. Which campaigns have driven the most brand lift in social video, and why?

Of course, Visible Measures makes it’s money off of media measurement and so if you can’t answer all those questions, you can contact them and get one of their industry reports or have them do up a custom one for you.

Regardless, this is great, concise information in the three-page report which you can get here. They also have a webinar set for next week (signup at the same link).

Kung Pao, I’m out.


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