AOL Gets Serious About The Power of Online Video Content

AOL Gets Serious About The Power of Online Video Content

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I just saw this press release (even though I was done working for the day mostly) about AOL and the creation of AOL Video. I thought, well, that’s timely (in that I saw it, not that they’ve waited so long to get it done).  You did know they bought right?

It seems that AOL is going through some self-organization and the first thing they’ve now decided to do is to gather up all their video and assets and stick it in one place. No, not where the sun doesn’t shine. In AOL Video. a “strategic umbrella” which makes me think, between me and the rain?

AOL Video uniquely delivers on the entire video value chain from creation through syndication to distribution, consumer experience and monetization for the benefit of users and advertisers alike.

This must be what is driving their recent growth in the video space. Read the rest of this (it’s all press release copy, sorry).

AOL Video Partnerships

AOL has closed deals with more than 20 premium content partners and digital studios to deliver a mix of high quality programming to AOL’s audiences. Within that mix, AOL has announced several new video franchises not seen anywhere else on the Web, including partnerships with Vuguru, Ben Silverman’s Electus, Next New Networks, Telepictures Productions and the Ellen DeGeneres Show Web site and

Other video franchises across AOL’s owned and operated properties include, AOL Sessions; The Engadget Show; Translogic on AOL Autos; a number of shows on – Cambio Connect, Cambio Style, Cambio Goes Home, Cambio Cares; and The Secret Millionaire’s Club on AOL Kids.

AOL also announced today that Ran Harnevo, co-founder of 5min Media, the Web’s largest video syndication platform that AOL acquired in September, will oversee AOL Video as Senior Vice President. Harnevo will lead AOL’s efforts to partner with the world’s most visionary video creators, increase the presence of video across AOL sites, and oversee the distribution of content from AOL video partners across the Web. He will also lead the development of a single online video distribution and syndication platform with advanced functionality for an improved user experience. Harnevo will report to David Eun, President, AOL Media & Studios and David Mason, Senior Vice President, AOL Content Platform.

AOL Video Production, Syndication and Reach

As part of its strategy to offer the most engaging, customized video experiences for its millions of users, AOL also has state-of-the-art HD studios in Los Angeles and New York to produce premium original content for AOL’s owned and operated sites.

Here is an example of original video content from the “You’ve Got…”

AOL’s acquisition in September of 5min Media brought distribution and market reach to more than 800 premium digital publishers with a combined 300 million monthly UVs, and 350 million monthly video streams (including ad and content videos). Additionally, AOL has video content from more than 1,000 of the world’s largest media companies and professional independent video producers; more than 3,000 freelance filmmakers, editors, animators, voice talent and writers/producers to create quality, professional video; and more than 200,000 categorized, tagged and rated videos across 21 verticals including home, food, beauty/fashion, health and travel.

The Take Away

mmm... Chinese foodAOL is a major advertising space. They are now trying to be an end-to-end online video place. That’s good stuff because in it is advertising and opportunity.

From an advertising standpoint, they’ve got a lot of viewers which means there’s ample place to stick your video advertising.

From an opportunity standpoint, they’ve got a lot of viewers, which means you can maybe find some way to work with them on content since they look like they’re ramping up their content creation and plunging in now.

Maybe even I should look into this, there could be some video work for me as well.

Oh fine, I’m tired but… Kung Pao! I’m out!


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