AOL Expands HD Video Offerings to Samsung, Google TV with New App

AOL Expands HD Video Offerings to Samsung, Google TV with New App

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AOL has announced a new version of their creatively named AOL HD app, which is now available for Samsung Smart TVs and Google TV. You might remember that it was originally available on Roku, Boxee, DivX TV, and Yahoo! Connected TV.

AOL Expands HD Video Content Offerings

AOL looks dedicated to the online video in the living room movement as they now cover just about every major way to do that. Personally, I just have my computer attached to the projector and only need to switch inputs, then again, my office, is in my living room.

“Consumers are increasingly using the living room as an extension of their online viewing behavior and the trajectory of growth in the connected TV space is what led us to expand AOL HD on the biggest and most engaged platforms”

While Samsung has been gaining momentum for some time on its Smart TV platform, AOL only just managed to get their app over there in this latest expansion. The AOL HD app is available now for download on 2010 Samsung Smart TVs and Blu-ray players, with support for 2011 Smart TVs and Blu-ray players coming soon.

They also hopped on board Google TV (which has a new version today, FYI).

AOL HD features high-definition video content that is updated daily from properties across AOL Huffington Post Media Group, including technology (gadget and tech news from sites like Engadget, TechCrunch, and Translogic); entertainment (celebrity news and interviews from franchises like Moviefone and Huffington Post Celebrity); and home (cooking, lifestyle and home improvement videos from celebrity partners like Eric Stromer, Sam Talbot and Carter Oosterhouse). In addition, AOL Music’s full CD Listening Party (CDLP) – which lets listeners hear free previews of newly released albums – is also available.

The app includes all the new series that they recently announced as well so you won’t be left out on what’s new in all of those shows either.

Media Companies Embracing Connected TVs

With major online media companies, like AOL, finally starting to fully embrace connected TVs and online video in the living room, we can probably expect a flood of new apps coming over the next couple months. They’ve probably all been in the works but just not priorities. Now, it seems that it’s all quite legit and companies need to be there. I agree, everyone who has a large amount of online video content really needs to get into the ring with the fighting gloves on. I’ve been covering connected TV and OTT for some time now and can’t even remember when I first wrote about Yahoo widgets for them. If you haven’t joined in yet, you had better do so before it’s far too late.

Think of all the potential traffic you might have netted from those 42 million homes worldwide with connected TVs (not to mention game consoles, OTT boxes, etc). That’s a lot of lost opportunity. The same goes for your video advertisers. If you were putting money into TV ads, you might want to consider putting some of it into ads made to run on these devices and streams because we are marching toward a more connected living room and consumers getting the content they want on their own schedules.


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