AOL Reclaims #1 Video Ad Property, Maker Back to #2 YouTube Channel

AOL Reclaims #1 Video Ad Property, Maker Back to #2 YouTube Channel

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comScore quietly put out the February online video ranking numbers last week and almost no one noticed. It might be due to the fact that the numbers are not all that flattering. Users dropped off as did average minutes per user. Still, the number of “videos” continued to climb though video ads trailed off somewhat.

Online Video Viewers, Minutes are Dropping Off?

Comparing the numbers this year shows that we are well off the top video viewers per month record and seem to be in freefall. January was 183.8M viewers while February was 182.4M. You might not recall the heady days of December 2013 when it was 188.25M meaning there is a drop of almost 6 million viewers over the course of just a few months. Granted, March will probably rebound just on the strength of Turner Sports’ fantastic job of streaming NCAA March Madness which topped out at something like 51 million streams.

In terms of average viewing minutes, there’s also a dramatic downward trend. In December 2013 it was 1,164.5 per user. January saw it slip to 1,155.3 and then February was just 1,076.1. If you do the math it means, online video viewing lost 22,936,485,000 minutes of monthly viewing time. Yes, 22.9B minutes lost. Plus, while videos rebounded slightly in February, they are still down from December.


Total Internet : Total Audience182,41649,184,3791,076.1


Total Internet : Total Audience183,77848,682,5721,155.3


Total Internet : Total Audience188,24952,374,5831,164.5

In terms of sites, it’s the same top three for three months now. Yahoo! and NDN are playing hop scotch and the rest are playing a game of top ten shuffle with Blinkx popping into 8th place from beyond the chart.

Top U.S. Online Video Content Properties Ranked by Unique Video Viewers

Video Advertisements Also Decline?

Viewers and minutes aren’t the only things to be depressed over the last three months. Video ads are taking a hit as well. In December the total ads shown was over 35B. That slid to just under 27B in January and again in February totaled only 24.6B ads. That’s 69.95% of December numbers meaning the video advertising industry has lost nearly 30% of ad views in three months. With nearly 23B viewing minutes and 10B video ads lost per month the question becomes, what happened? So I went back to the numbers for Jan-Feb 2013 to see if it was a yearly pattern. February 2013 looked like this:

Total Internet : Total Audience177,95533,031,0531,045.7

While January 2013 looked like this:

Total Internet : Total Audience179,51536,194,1331,140.2

So is it a yearly trend then? It would seem to be since December 2012 was much higher also.

Total Internet : Total Audience181,71738,673,3221,150.2

See, nothing to worry about. Just an early year trend of downward viewing brought on by things like the new TV season and shopping days which usually bring an online video bump for product videos etc.

Video Ad Property Rankings February 2014

So what took comScore so long to release the February numbers? They weren’t published until April 8th, five and a half weeks after the month ended. Perhaps it was some disagreement in the numbers? But nothing much changed in the video site rankings, so how about the video ad properties?

top us online video ad properties feb 2014

There is some shake up here with AOL in the top spot again. All of that seems to be due to SpotXchange losing over 1.2B video ads from January to February and pushing half the chart up one notch. That is almost all of the video ads lost from January to February, 2.2B total. Hulu also took a hit going from 1.17B to just 888M. Of course the top ten only account for about 80% of all video ads shown so the rest of the loss was off the chart.

YouTube Partners February 2014

Some shuffling takes place in this chart as well. VEVO is still on top but Maker bumped ZEFR and Fullscreen to land in second. ZEFR continued downward past warnerbros vfp but stayed above Warner Music and the rest. Geico and Rumblefish are gone and replaced with BroadbandTV and NBC Entertainment.

top youtube partners

The February 2014 comScore Video Metrix figures are available here.


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