Animoto Updates Imagery and Music, Introduces Share-n-Earn Program

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animoto_logo_lg_blackbkgdAnimoto (whom we’ve previously covered here, here and here) have introduced some new features recently. One of the most interesting is their share-n-earn feature. But don’t think you’re going to get rich quick off of making and sharing your slide show slash music videos…oh no my friends.

In what I’m going to term ‘Classic Animoto fashion’ they have decided that if someone you share an Animoto video with ends up signing up for an All-Access pass, you’ll get one free month of Animoto All-Access.  That’s unlimited full-length videos for one whole month.

Nice of them no? I mean it would have been far too interesting if they had actually given you a way to earn actual money right? Instead they allow you one free month of access but only if someone else you know or who sees your video actually signs up and pays them.

Well aside from that lackluster marketing event, they have done a few other updates including imagery for graduations, weddings, engagements, parties, babies, and whatever else you want to announce with an Animoto video. They say that many of the users are doing just this with their service. So that must mean that not many are signing up for the all access, hence the membership-drive-in-gift-wrapping (sort of like an affiliate program really).

They’ve also dug up some new tunes for you to slap in your videos as well including  a new genre, Oldies. For more information on the tracks (which depend on whether you are Animoto for Business/Photography or not) see the blog post on the subject

Finally, they did some back end stuff which included raising the bit-rate of their high-res MP4s by 50% and ISOs by 75% and combining it with some new encoding.

They also stated they’re awaiting approval from Apple on their iPhone application so you’ll be able to make and share quick vids for your iPhone using friends as well.


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