Animoto Teams with Vimeo; Premium Video Service for Small Businesses

Animoto Teams with Vimeo; Premium Video Service for Small Businesses

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We’ve talked about Animoto in the past, they’re a site where you can upload photos, video clips, words, music, etc. to create videos, usually of the quick wedding or vacation variety.  But there are tools for more advanced users as well.  Going “Pro” meant you could stream HD, use exclusive video styles, and upload videos up to 20 minutes long, in addition to other nifty features.  But now, Animoto is announcing “Pro Premium,” which integrates their service with Vimeo Pro.  You get everything Pro offers, plus custom branding, licenses to sell your video to other businesses, more music tracks to choose from, and a membership with Vimeo Pro.

Businesses looking for a video with custom branding, an alternative to YouTube’s player, might want to check something like this out.

Features of Animoto Pro Vs. Premium

Integration with Vimeo Pro means quite a bit.  It means you get all those nifty features of Vimeo, like being able to sell your videos to viewers through their On Demand service, analytics, a brandable video player, and so on.

The main differences between Animoto Pro and Animoto Pro Premium are the following:

  • Customization–with the other service, you get Animoto branding on your videos.  With the new service, you can put your own branding.
  • Monetization and control–you get the chance to put Call-to-Action buttons on the video, analytics, and the ability to control who the video is accessed to and when.
  • Videos are created in 1080p, with the addition of exclusive video styles and more licensed music.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

animoto pro premium

So this can be a good service for businesses who don’t want to use that same old YouTube player, where you don’t have much control over how it looks, and you have to use all of YouTube’s styles for everything from annotations to your channel page.  And YouTube pretty much controls how you make money off of those videos.  These features can give you a unique look.  The price tag doesn’t seem all that bad, either.

Anyway, users of Animoto now have access to a great amount of tools to sell with video, and it’s always good to mention alternatives in the YouTube-dominated landscape.


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