Animoto Officially Launches After A Successful Year In Beta

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animotoRemember that cool company Animoto that we wrote about a while back. The one that let’s you make your own videos but slapped the logo on at the end? The same company that is still on my Facebook page with my 30 second video from Paris.

Well they’ve survived the growing pains of one year and are celebrating by closing…their beta stage. They are officially launched. So congratulate them on surviving the tumultuous first year where many companies fail and check out what they’ve been up to.

  • 4 million videos have been made on the Animoto platform
  • More than 250,000 users in 200-some countries have registered on
  • Animoto vids have been watched over 50 million times on, blogs, social networks, video sharing sites and web sites around the world!

Of course they’re still going through growing pains and I think the terrible two’s are coming up and that means teething and other sleep-siphoning events. Since it’s their birthday it must be time for some new clothes since they’ve grown out of their old ones. I mean they don’t have room for all those new features they’re sporting now like:

  • Cover image: Tired of our green screen? Now you can pick any image to be used as the cover of your video!
  • iPhone: Use Mobile Safari to watch your vids on your iPhone. (And a big hush-hush…but keep your eyes out for our iPhone app coming soon!)
  • Logos and panoramics: If you’ve tried to make videos from these odd-sized images in the past, you’ve realized that we didn’t do a great job with them. But we’ve improved that, so check it out.

It looks like they’re here to stay and are continuing to improve the service and make it more feature-rich and user-friendly. They even have Animoto for Education now as well which gives unlimited video creation to educational institutions.

“We launched Animoto a year ago with the simple goal of allowing anyone to create professional-looking video content with a click of a button,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO & Co-founder of Animoto. “We were tired and bored of seeing uninspiring slideshows online that suck the life out of photos rather than enhance the emotions in them. The problem is that it requires expensive software, extensive training and lots of time to turn your photos and music into video of high production value. With Animoto, it’s free, simple and requires hardly any time at all.”

So Happy Birthday Animoto, keep growing and good luck into the future.


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